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Friday, 12th February 2016

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Hell hath no fury…

Cate McGregor had a hell of a hissy fit on Australia Day. They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, actually, William Congreve said that. William looks familiar. That’s because he is basically what you would get if you combined David Morrison (who we are all sick of seeing) and his jaded speechwriter, Cate McGregor (who we are also sick of seeing).

Me, Bubba and Banjo

One day we were given homework by the English teacher, Bubba Powell. He was the spitting image of Kevin Rudd with his ruddy baby face, insipid little quivering mouth and white hair. He was dentally challenged and avoided baring his grey, uneven teeth.


...and it's not the West

Just a few miles from where I grew up, there lived a disturbed young man named Ian Brady. Ian met a young girl at work called Myra Hindley and they began a love affair. Unfortunately, Myra was also particularly twisted and their partnership would lead to horrific tragedy.


The power of indoctrination prior to the age of reason is finite, everlasting and transcends all intellectual reason. Most of all it is underestimated. If a parent tells a young child that Father Xmas exists, the child will believe it is so.

Justice Ain't Justice

Our penal systems vary and are based on dogma. Religious dogma. The Islamic woman who is raped, and cannot produce witnesses to testify that she was, will be stoned to death. The European woman who is raped and can point a finger at her “violator” will have him gaoled… in a “correctional center”.

Sending Children Back To Nauru Is Humane and Right

The high court’s ruling, upholding Australia’s offshore processing system, is not only the right one on legal grounds, it’s also profoundly humane. No more deaths at sea and no more children ripped from their mother’s arms, sinking to the bottom of a cold, dark cruel sea, ending their short innocent lives


The theory of evolution is as simple and as logical as creation is outrageous. Every species has what is perceived as sexual attraction. Except its real purpose is not sexual, it is survival… the sexual component is a mere conduit for the greater purpose.

A Vote For Labor Is A Vote For Islam

This week it was announced that counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly would contest the seat of Cowan in WA for Labor, in the upcoming federal election. In the Sydney Morning Herald Anne Aly said the national security debate had often been driven by the "politics of division and fear".

Would You Buy A Used Republic From This Man?

HAVE I got a Republic for YOU. Don’t think you need a Republic? Think again! But you’ll have to be quick! I’ll even throw in a set of free steak knives. That’s the dodgy used car spiel being spruiked this time around to pressure YOU into buying a clapped out ‘Republic’ model.


...Fat Chance!

My problem has always been my abrasiveness. If I figure something is wrong or unfair, I go in boots and all.It has come back to bite me often but I don’t give a fuck. Too many incompetent people gain important positions in private enterprise and government through blatant brown-nosing.


SADLY the Australian Of The Year award has lost all meaning to millions of Australians. It’s become a disconnected politically correct tool existing only for one purpose - to advance progressive grand standers and social causes, instead of reflecting the best in quiet achievers, the real heroes of our country.

Self Harm Part Of Islam’s Battle Plan For 1400 Years

It’s nice to have a couple of days away from the news but flicking through this morning and what do we find?


When It's A Halal Of A Business

Halal certification is a profitable business not a charity. The Adelaide mosque has been found to be raking in approximately $200,000 a year as a halal certifier and doing so as a charity - avoiding taxes and other regulations.


I’d like to pay tribute to Barack Hussein Obama and his incredible legacy. Obama is a Muslim. I’m not just saying that, he really is. According to the Islamic faith, if your father is a Muslim then you are too. Obama’s father was a Muslim.

Can Totalitarianism Corrupt a Non-Totalitarian Country?

My last essay identified contemporary examples of control that align with George Orwell’s marxist inspired novel 1984. It ended with a brief synopsis of the goals of the sinister Ingsoc (English Socialist) ideology.

Islam Will Only Be Defeated By...Islam

A couple of years ago I made the prediction that within 15 years, Islam will be finished as a force on this planet. At the time I thought this might turn out to be a conservative estimate. I still do.

ASIO Boss The Intelligence Weak Link

The Director General of ASIO, Duncan Lewis, has the responsibility of protecting Australia from internal security threats to our Western democratic way of life. And he thinks Islam is peaceful.


Will Palmer leave Parliament?

Oz Trivia

What is the smallest quantity of draught beer that can legally be sold in Britain?

Word of the day

A deep sea shellfish is part of a possible signal from MH370 that’s binding