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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I'm being invaded... see ya in a few days

Happy Christmas and New Year to all contributors (well, nearly all).



What are They Plotting in Poland



To all my fellow gutless spineless mouths. I was going to reply to spittlefire13 and then I remembered some sound advice from George Carlin and Mark Twain. "'Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.". All the best for 2018 to all. (well, nearly all) .

C'mon Mr P. Just one quick Glance to confirm you are OK. All the best.from me and Mrs MoP..

Just as long as your were not being Invaded by the Law with Warrants......They don't like those whom do not submit to their Agenda's in Total.....Take care and cheers...

Hope you're well ol son .

Larry I wouldn't waste my time money or effort coming back. There is not one of your followers that has the backbone or guts to take on the Antifa communist socialists labor greens independents etc. All BS. All mouth. Gutless spineless mouths. The other side are fervent and active supporters of their beliefs whilst the people who support you are gutless mouths spewing their so called intellectual BS and diatribe and nothing else on blogs.

Hang in there Larry, We True Aussies need you,Best of luck

Don't go in the Urn Larry we need you.

Hi Larry, we hope you and your family and friends are happy and well - and please post another of your articles soon so that we know you are OK.

Where are you Larry. We all miss you. Not too much Christmas pud?

I reckon this "Miracle" Italian job was on a bet with his mates down at the Eyetalian club to be two weeks, for six days. "Yeah right, Julio" they said. " you always were a loser" "I'll show youse" said Julio. Told His missus he'd be back in a cuppla days.Took enough food, drink and camouflage to disappear for 6 days, then "voila".Julio re-appears hale and hearty to be interviewed by the Journo-whores of the ABC and Commercial Tv,having cost the public over $30,0000 in police overtime. helicopter hire etc. he'll now collect his winnings next Friday ate the Club Italiano. I never saw a less likely "bush walker". We've been "had' folks!

Thanks for the heads up Larry, enjoy your well deserved time off with your Family that is the most important thing, all those still posting here in your blog are having fun fending off the usual trolls and when not doing that they are making some very good comments.

Larry...I hope that your break has left you fit and refreshed for 2018 and whatever it may bring.

When you are back ondeck could you have a look at the method used by the fake Shadow Dancer used to clone the username of one of our valid long term posters.

The fake continues posting unhindered.

If yourself or Ziggyfish can track down and disable whatever flaw was exploited to do that it would be widely appreciated.

Go you good thing (Larry) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very sad to learn that a family of six dies in a seaplane crash, but I gotta ask; Ok they were rich, but were in Australia on holiday. Why does the Press believe that is news-worthy and go on…and on.. for several days? Why are these rich people worthy of extensive ‘tributes’ any more than my family who did far more for Australia then they did?
And, why did a SEA PLANE crash into water? The first enquiry was into fuel quality. But surely (unless the connection between pilot and air control surfaces was inoperative) a pilot of 9000 flying hours should have at the least ‘pan-caked’ onto the river? Heart attack? Suicide?

Happy New Year to Larry and all Pickering posters!

Happy new year Larry. Hope it’s a great one. Keep up the good work.

Larry, trusting that 2018 will continue to increase your well being at ALL levels. Thank you for a good 2017. As well, may your family bask in your sunshine.

You are One of the Greats Larry. Thank you for your insightful, discerning and brave articles on all the issues that confronted us since (and before) the usurper Turnbull has been polluting the position of Prime Minister. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2018.mcj

Thanks for all your great work Larry. All the best from now onward. RG.

All the best to you Larry and to your family.