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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Signs of Sanity shock the Green World

President Trump’s Clexit (Climate Exit) from the Paris agreement is a great step towards recovery from the global warming hysteria.

Coming soon after the UK Brexit which rejected the EU green octopus, the US Clexit will encourage Clexit efforts in places like central Europe, Canada and even in the decaying green swamp-lands of Germany and France. UK may even get the courage to “cut the green crap”.

This US Clexit follows the first step taken in 2010 when the canny Japanese refused to extend the Kyoto Protocol. And then Tony Abbott killed off Australia’s Carbon Tax.

The final step will be UN-CLEXIT – withdrawal from all UN climate agreements and obligations, and defunding the government climate “research” and propaganda industry.



What are They Plotting in Poland



I won't be holding my breath. These people don't sleep with their think tanks and the next new ploy. But funnily enough I read the Qld govt has stopped any new starters with the solar panel roof rort. People are getting such a good price for their power they're investing in batteries ( I assume the latest vanadium redux batteries) and making a killing supplying the grid. Trouble is as we know it's unsustainable and will collapse the power system. A lot of speculators want to see off cheap coal power. I'm thinking Malcolm has couple of vanadium shares.

Just Mother nature doing what Nature does....The SINGLE Constant about Nature, is that it is Always Changing....

Renewable energy: It's not South Australia's scheme, it's the Commonwealth's
By Danny Price
Updated 16 Feb 2017, 10:48am
Danny Price is a respected energy expert who helped design Australia's national energy market rules. This is an edited extract of his interview with AM.
We are heading towards a third-world power system very rapidly.
...............SA's wind farms in place because of 'Mr Turnbull's scheme'.
All but one wind farm that's gone into South Australia has gone in because of the Commonwealth Government scheme and not because of the State Government.
The Prime Minister's particularly critical of the South Australian Government for what he describes as the South Australian Government's scheme.
It's not the South Australian Government's scheme — it's Mr Turnbull's scheme............”

Hey sailor,never believe anything that the MSM tell you.They LIE.

Trump was right to exit the Paris Agreement a German says:

I passed by the radio this morning and wondered what I would hear if I flicked on to RN. A moment or two of Fran Kelly, with the Leftard Activation string pulled out of her back, and it was bleating on about carbon and LET and whatever. Is it possible that the world might be moving on to something else apart from carbon emissions and identity politics, and leaving the likes of Kelly and Our ABC behind? That would be great, if we weren't paying them.

Watch Rand Paul bulldoze through each global warming talking point

But are the GEOENGINEERS destroying the climate/planet?

An interesting observation: A young person put it to me that the sceptics like me, in his opinion, lose credibility by denying climate change. I do not deny natural Earth Cycles of climate changing all the time. The point he made is that young (indoctrinated) people are taught that sceptics are deniers. So to gain trust we need to push that we accept climate change but reject man-made global warming, but at the same time acknowledge that there must be some impact from human activities, even if the impact is far less than natural events such as volcanic eruptions.

Sounds good but don't hold you breath.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the land where electricity is the most expensive in the world, when a consumer can get supply, the LibLab government will be fighting to uphold climate change and EU solidarity by giving EU socialists asylum here and changing the Australian Constitution to recognise each EU former member government in exile.

Increasingly the number of green, climate change, global warming believers, rising sea level believers etc. etc. are on the rise as school leavers are becoming of voting age and who have been brainwashed by leftard educationists and this will have a corresponding affect on all future elections for some time to come. Don't expect change any time soon.

Lets hope it happens before the idiots blow up all the coal fired power stations .If that doesn't happen then India & China will be in the drivers seat in manufacturing.

Don't get too carried away with these early signs. Thursday;s UK election will tell us a thing or two. From starting as a laid down mazairre for the Conservatives its now looking very much like a Labour victory. Even if they have to form a coalition in a minority government its still a victory for Labour because their policies will prevail and Trump's withdrawal from the Paris agreement will be meaningless. Look what happened in the French and Dutch elections. One cannot now predict the stupidity of the rank and file. Democracy has failed because it gives voice to idiots who do not deserve to have a voice and are too stupid to be entitled to one. Theresa May's pathetic speech on Sunday night should be a clue to what a failure she is.

UN-CLEXIT here we come. :-)))

Nope. Not going to happen. This is just for show. Trump (if he is not impeached or 'taken care of') will reverse course by signing up to various programs over time such that the net effect will be exactly the same. No man, President or otherwise, will be permitted to destroy the program for global governance. It is called Technocracy and it has been in the works since 1920's - and even all the way back to Henri de Saint-Simon and August Comte.

Best interview on it here: Technocracy Rising

Our youths have been so intensely brainwashed by the evil, anti-Australian education institutions and the evil, racist, anti-Australian ABC/SBS. We need to start by rooting out those academics/journalists who damaging the our impressionable youth.

I hope so Viv. I am sick and tired of others dictating to us and how we run our country. They are on all the time about the Reef and how it's either a lost cause or 50% dead. It's a money making scam. I hope all those that come to our country for the games go on to enjoy our lovely country, especially our Reef. See just how wonderful it is.

Science is the big loser here, there was a time I liked watching science shows now you just can't believe a word they say.

"Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US"
The time has come!