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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.



“Why are we taking people from these shithole, high-crime, countries?” The President asked in a closed meeting. He was referring to nations like Haiti and those from the African continent. This was deemed unprecedented by CNN, NBC and other Left wing, Trump-hating, media outlets. But Trump was merely expressing what most of America and Australia is thinking, despite the political incorrectness.

Unprecedented language? Bloody hell, these media galahs should have been around during LBJ’s presidency. "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years", is among his outbursts. But of course LBJ was an excused Democrat.

Under Rudd and Gillard, 19,000 South Sudanese came to Australia between 2002 and 2011, we are now reaping the benefits.  

It’s a shame Victoria’s Daniel Andrews can’t be as honest as Trump now that immigrant Sudanese thugs have formed gangs and are running amok in the streets of Melbourne without penalty while Andrews instructs his Police Commissioner not to refer to the G word.

Of the 53 African countries 50 are majority Muslim… perhaps that’s the problem. But we are not allowed to mention the M word either. Australia is paying a very high price for future Labor voters.

Referring to most African nation as “shitholes” won’t hurt Trump at all

… simply because it is true!



What are They Plotting in Poland



A place is neither good nor bad: only the people who live there.

Go Donald, And lets get rid of any offenders to our way of life and put any others in the big house where the boys will fix them.....

Downer publically called them "Busted arse counties", many other leading politicians and journalists from the Left, Right and Centre publicly call them "Third World countries".

To differentiate between those phrases and "Shithole countries" is pedantry. Or

The more Trump comes out with his politically incorrect observations the more I like the man - go Donald

An interesting article by John Rappoport on Trumps shit hole remark.
Too close to the truth about shit hole countries.

Confected outrage on the world stage from lefties who will not face reality.

Downer publically called them "Busted a*** counties", many other leading politicians and journalists from the Left, Right and Centre publicly call them "Third World countries".

To differentiate between those phrases and "S***hole countries" is pedantry. Or maybe "Trump-phobia".

So right Larry and so is Trump - as for our pathetic delusional dictator Dan - and see today he is now blaming the NSW African thugs for our problems? Man is an absolute joke - and he has broken our legal system to allow these black thugs to continually destroy Victorian citizens by allowing bail after bail after bail -

There is a simple way to stop this rot.NO burka,NO halal,NO mosques and NO welfare.Watch them ALL disappear.

Larry...Howard and Vanstone opened the African Freeway to Australia...and setup the funding for the Rudd and Gillard years..primarily through family reunion scams...where tens of thousands of related (no birth certificates required) Africans were brought to Australia and put on social was open season for the child traffickers..people have no idea of the scale of fraud and criminal activities pursued by the Australian Government during this period, with the Christian Churches up to their necks in it - for billions tax free..

REPATRIATION - the only solution!

I'm sure Trump must be reading PP. - we have been commenting on the shitholes for years.

A shithole country is a shithole country - we all know that, even if some won't mention the truth. To think that those bastard Lefties swamped us with people who will never like us, will never fit in - and who WE have to pay for - is like something out of a horror movie.

So how many days of Summer have really classifiable as extreme heat? I have needed light warm clothing more often than not and right now it's 11C in Gippsland Victoria. But don't expect the BoM or other deceivers to claim other than 2017 being the hottest ever.

2002 to 2011? The Howard Government was in office 2002 to 2007. So the blame goes to bother sides, the undeclared partnership of UN chained Australian major parties.

It's a sad day when you can't call a shithole country a shithole country.

Hey Gaz
Life's little drop kick, you have failed to notice 2 of my posts in this thread
Get to it now and sweep the stable when you finish

That dip SH of a London Mayor, should be had up for provoking civil unrest. The prat thinks it was him that has got the Don on the run. The Don would chew him up and spit him out in a heart beat. Little muslim big note.

How did slater & Gordon score the gig of supporting the mob on Manus Island ? Was it cronyism of their relationship with the Unionised public service ?

Now that South Sudan is it's own master these people can return home seeing the war of their independence was won ,