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Monday, 16th July 2018

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Elsa Schieder

Elsa Schieder PhD is a former professor of Humanities at John Abbott College in Canada. She blogs and conducts interviews, focussing on Western rights and freedoms.


On May 23, 2018, I did an interview with my friend, Tommy Robinson. He was feeling great, very appreciative of his ever-growing support. He was getting a hero’s welcome in many places. Neither of us has a clue what was coming: his arrest and imprisonment in just 2 days. The day was warm and sunny. So was the mood.

Re the interview: it’s a rare look at Tommy up close and personal – Tommy at 18, his views on people who say it’s too late, his thoughts on the future, his thinking on Muslims vs Islam.



Two days after the interview, the word went out: Tommy Robinson has been arrested again. This time, it is for (supposedly) disturbing the peace. He was going about his business of being a reporter - not on the side of those in power.

His arrest brings up thoughts of people like Gandhi and Mandela. Gandhi was arrested over and over. Mandela (a true danger to the state) spent 27 years in prison. Both spoke out against those in power, and both demanded change.

Tommy previously spent 22 weeks in solitary confinement - his choice, to increase his chances of staying alive while being held among violent Islamic offenders, including Islamic murderers. Not a good place to be, when you care about, and speak out about, indigenous British girls targeted by Islamic "grooming" gangs.

There are major differences between Gandhi, Mandela and Tommy. Gandhi was a lawyer - well educated. Mandela was the son of a tribal leader - a prince, one might say.

Tommy is working class. In fact, the mainstream media has smeared him for his class background, for instance as a football hooligan.

The largest difference is that Mandela was arrested for his involvement in major terrorism, with massive amounts of bomb-making material; and he never spoke out against this or against terrorism; instead he kept close to the ANC (the group he was tied to), despite the horrific murders done by ANC people in the name of the ANC. Gandhi was also initially involved in violent activities. (For more on Mandela and Gandhi, search out Stefan Molyneux' excellent videos on The Truth about Mandela, and The Truth about Gandhi.)

Unlike Mandela and Gandhi, from the beginning Tommy has always been for peaceful protest. 

"Of course you can be a mass murderer and a hero of the people Fidel; you just need the right  public relations team."

He has also always been openly and strongly against racism as well as homophobia - against discrimination against individuals.

His protest has always been against an ideology, Islamic ideology - because Islamic ideology, as expressed repeatedly in the Quran, is against Western human rights and freedoms. It upholds, for instance, violence against non-Islamic people (such as vulnerable indigenous British girls). He has also always been against behaviours that violate human rights - like the "grooming" of indigenous British girls by largely Islamic rape gangs, and against the inaction of the police, social workers and government officials who turned a blind eye for decades.

However, while there are differences between Mandela, Gandhi and Tommy, perhaps there is a huge connection. Perhaps we are seeing, once again, a major political leader in the making.

Tommy Robinson, a man with the courage to keep speaking out, and with an amazing capacity to lead.

Perhaps Tommy will be the next great leader of Great Britain.

A few key points on the arrest: he was ostensibly arrested for reporting information; but this was information already publicly available. He was reporting in the same location as other reporters who were not arrested. His solicitor was told he was being released, so did not show up to defend him. But Tommy was not released. Instead, within 5 hours, he was sentenced to 13 months in jail.

He was, by the way, disturbing the peace – the peace of those against Western human rights and freedoms, the peace of authorities who have, for decades, not protected rape victims against overwhelmingly Islamic “grooming” gangs.

Within a couple of days, well over half a million people worldwide have signed the petition asking for his release. Protests erupted worldwide - Australia, Canada, Israel, France, Germany, as well as Great Britain, of course. More are planned.

To sign the petition:

To support Tommy:

Buy Enemy of the State by Tommy Robinson

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The Qur'an is the most tried and proven Terror manual currently available on Planet Earth.......It’s Message is what YOUR Government is currently Promoting and financing, whilst members of this Terror Infused Cult continue to be imported, to walk among Your Children as they prepare to battle Australia to strip us of Our Western, Principles and Conservative Culture….The very same Principles our Soldiers Fought for, since Federation…Simple Logic…100% of the Terror attacks in Australia in the last 10 Years or more, have been carried out by the 3% of people in Australia whom are Islamic. All to the detriment of the other 97%.........Who would inflict this Cancerous Cult upon their own Kin, or Countrymen?....This is not about Inclusiveness, this is Suicide by Political Correctness. ..

His Honor Judge Geoffrey Marson QC, Leeds Crown Court, The Courthouse, 1 Oxford Row, Leeds LS1 2BG, ask that he reverse this decision against a just man Tommy Robinson.?

On topic, Geert Wilders has joined the march for Tommy.

Topic is about Robinson .. I look to the comments. take half a day scrolling down the page to find relevant comments ... and see nothing but nobodies using these comments pages as their own little link spamming site. belive it or not, we're not all trapped inside PP. Some of us are able to read news from other sites like without your consent spamming. Get a life and get your own website. or Wordpress is free.

Ehh, im case you've missed it, there's A New Post Up.

At the risk of being repetitive, the people of NSW are being treated like sheep by the State Government. This is to do with the abortion exclusion zone law the breach of which results in a jail term, and has nothing to do with anyone’s views on abortion, it is a matter of legal principle. Abortion under the NSW Crimes Act carries ten years in jail, but following a minor District Court decision in 1971 in which the judge held:
“In my view it would be for the jury to decide whether there existed in the case of each woman any economic, social or medical ground or reason which in their view could constitute reasonable grounds upon which an accused could honestly and reasonably believe there would result a serious danger to her physical or mental health. It may be that an honest belief be held that the woman’s mental health was in serious danger at the very time she was interviewed by a doctor, or that her mental health, although not then in serious danger, could reasonably be expected to be seriously endangered at some time during the currency of pregnancy, if uninterrupted. In either case such a conscientious belief on reasonable grounds would have to be negatived before an offence under s 83 of the Act could be proved.”
abortion has been ignored totally. Note the reference to a jury, and as most abortions are for convenience only, the grounds would have to be adjudicated by a jury, and every abortion should be investigated.
Most are are either unaware of this or do not understand, including BillyB, stinky and Oliver. An abortion is a serious statutory crime, and Gladys and co have the effrontery to make trying to prevent a statutory crime carrying ten years in prison, an offence in itself. How do the cops know that a woman walking into an abortion mill for an abortion for convenience does not meet the above test. As the judge said it is for the jury to decide.

From the current NSW Crimes Act which is the section 83 referred to above.
83. Whosoever—
unlawfully administers to, or causes to be taken by, any woman,
whether with child or not, any drug or noxious thing; or unlawfully uses any instrument or other means,
with intent in any such case to procure her miscarriage, shall be liable to penal servitude for ten years.
If Gladys wants to ignore the law, she should have the section repealed by Parliament.
“stringybark Fri 8 Jun 2018 04:12:37 pm
It is perfectly legal for women to have abortions in NSW and hundreds do daily with no risk of legal involvement.”

“Billy B Fri 8 Jun 2018 04:43:06 pm
Flysa, you are wrong it is up to the police to investigate every abortion and prosecute if the abortion was just for inconvenience,
What a strange world you have constructed inside your head
Do police need to investigate every car journey to see if a law was broken?
Get real banana peel.

Flysa Fri 8 Jun 2018 04:56:07 pm
No Billy a car journey is not a crime but an abortion is.”

Pickering Post readers who may be curious about the whereabouts of Mossad zombie agents Sailor, Chopper and the Pelican are advised the trio were at 10pm yesterday taken back to Mossad's secret location at Bondi Junction for the purpose of a surgical operation to implant further control devices into their minds. The threesome will be fitted with equipment that will automatically cause them to post more idiotic crap and rot than ever on this site. These then automated Israeli agents will be released from the secret location at 10am 11 June. Updates to follow if necessary.

Female police captain, who stopped deputies from storming Parkland high school during Nicholas Cruz's deadly rampage, will be removed from her position

Aboriginal children should be left with their families for "cultural" reasons . Even if they are being raped & have std's . Shorten (complete with hat) is in the NT pandering to sexual predators . He shows us every day that in no way should he ever become PM of Australia .

All hail the mighty Trumpster.............CNN is not happy that FOX is treating Sloppy Daniels like a grubby dirty whore.............. Huuuummmmmmmmm!

Oh dear, I followed Jared Haynes back to the hotel and invited myself in. Fuck, I thought he'd offer to me a cup of tea!! Gezz, I feel so let down, however I have a huge debt I needed to pay off, soooo....


It’s not the front line in Palestine, nor is it a belligerent anti-Semitic Nazi state.

Whether you appreciate it, or not, the Jews are part and parcel of Australia since its inception.

(Talking of “part and parcel”, unlike what the Muslim mayor of London stated: terrorist acts are “part and parcel” here in our western society. )

The Jews are, in part, the Australian way of life.

Just consider the following:
• SIR ISAAC ISAACS, Governor General (1931–1936), prominent solicitor, member of Victorian colonial parliament, ONE OF THE DRAFTERS OF THE AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION, member of first Australian parliament
• SIR JOHN MONASH, World War I general, engineer, first chairman of Victoria's State Electricity Commission
• RENÉE GEYER, soul singer
• OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, singer-songwriter, actress
• SIR RICHARD KINGSLAND, Public Servant, RAAF pilot who rescued two senior British WWII leaders in Morocco in 1940
• ISAAC NATHAN, Australia's first composer
• FRANK LOWY, co-founder of the Westfield Group, philanthropist
• ERIC BAUME, Former 2GB broadcaster/journalist
• SYDNEY EINFELD, New South Wales Minister for Consumer Affairs (1976–1981)
• GERALDINE BROOKS, Pulitzer Prize–winning writer
• Yoram Gross, producer
• DUNERA BOYS, a group of mainly Jewish British detainees who were deported to Australia in horrific circumstances; many of them later becoming prominent Australian citizens
• JESSICA FOX, French-born Australian, slalom canoeist, Olympic silver (K-1 slalom), world championships bronze (C-1)
• BRENT HARVEY, AFL games record holder and North Melbourne premiership player
• PHIL MOSS, current manager of the Central Coast Mariners in the A-League; former soccer player in the National Soccer League
• LIONEL VAN PRAAG, speedway champion
• DAVID ZALCBERG, Australian Olympic table tennis player; also an ex-collegian at Mount Scopus Memorial College
• ESTHER JOHNSTON, first fleet prisoner

There were at least 8 Jews transported to Botany Bay in 1788 aboard the First Fleet. There were probably more, but exact numbers are not possible as the transportation records did not indicate a convict's religion.

Most of them came from London, and were of working-class background.

I would like to highlight to you that our society is indeed a Judeo-Christian’ society.

Our laws, and indeed our ethics and sense of morality are common to both Jews and Christians and are fundamentally based on the Ten Commandments and the tenets of the Old Testament.

These tenets are common to both Jews (TANAKN-OLD TESTAMENT) and Christians (OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS).

If you are really concerned about the challenges to our way of life, look at:

1. what Islam is doing to us

2. our own corrupt politicians selling us out to the Chinese

3. but even more threatening is what our own people, socialists, who are imposing imposts on us such as:

• open borders,
• diminished military defence expenditure,
• social confusion, e.g. same-sex marriages, gender fluidity, etc,
• sovereign debt,
• financial and industrial impediments due to spurious global warming theories, etc, etc,

Rinaldo, by not calling out who or what is the real threat to AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY is, it makes you wonder whose side he, and his ilk are real on.

Is politics in Australia slowing the country down? LOL

Dr Crumpet of ANU and Amnesty International are unhappy the SAS acted against the Taliban sub-humans with no regard for their feelings or sensibilities. While the SAS never should have been deployed there, that is a political decision. The soldiers have a job to do, and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. The country has gone mad. Perhaps the learned judge investigating the SAS will travel to Afghanistan next to interrogate the Taliban murderers.

“Secretive and elite SAS soldiers grilled about alleged war crimes”

That last post came up as 4:30pm but here in Vanuatu it is 6:40pm. Which is 5:40 EST Australia

Is there something wrong with this site? There have been no new postings for over two hours.

Morton Klein: Time for Free Nations to Leave the UN Human Rights Council
Last week, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley attempted to have the U.N. Human Rights Council cease its perpetual preoccupation with condemning Israel. But our European allies would have none of it.
Europe refused to join the U.S. in seeking to terminate the Council’s permanent agenda item devoted to Israel –– the only country singled out in that fashion.

Nearly a year ago, Ambassador Haley warned the UN to reform the Human Rights Council or expect a U.S. exit from the body.

That moment might now be in the offing. If so, not a moment too soon.



Believe me ‘Rinaldo’, the only “hate filled” individuals on this site are you, ‘sailor’ and ‘CIHB’ and others of the same ilk, as you.

Just scanning down here, it only takes a few minutes, we see the unmistakably vile passionate hatred emanating from Rinaldo.

He repeats, and repeats, the same old vile assertions.

It’s his life’s mission to peddle this crap.

It’s sheer rage!

• “Jewish controlled capitalist scheme of values has transformed five of the seven deadly sins of Christianity – pride, envy, greed, avarice, and lust – into positive social virtues,..”

• (Jews) “ …love and humility are rejected as ‘bad for business,”

• (Jews) “ … more amenable to cold-blooded exploitation.

• “'Love' in the satanic Judaic doctrine is "Compassionless", "pitiless".”

• “… lying, hate filled Judaics”

• “The Satanic law of the Judaic Talmud defined -… Law, Compassionless Love.”

• (Judaism) amenable to cold-blooded exploitation.

• “'Love' in the satanic Judaic doctrine is "Compassionless", "pitiless".”

• “Israeli's are psychopaths”


• The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the victim as Izza Abdul-Hafiz al-Tamimi, adding that ZIONIST FORCES HAD DIRECTLY FIRED THREE BULLETS AT HIM.

• Palestinian activist Bilal Tamimi told the official Wafa news agency that “ISRAELI” SOLDIERS HAD PREVENTED.

• The Jewish media HAS RAMPED UP THEIR ANTI-WHITE HATRED to a fever pitch over the past few years.

I can go on, but I think everyone can see the pattern here.

Rinaldo: Don’t you get it.



It is this sort of hatred, that we’ve got bollards in our streets, people being mowed down, innocent people being shot, tedious security checks in our airports, games, or anywhere where there are crowds of Australians.
Your religion of peace has form here in Australia going back for more than 100 years.

If you’re a true-blue Australian call it out, ‘Rinaldo’.

Don’t give us that crap that its some Zionists plot behind all this.