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Monday, 16th July 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Pickering Posters,

As you all know, Larry is old school. The last thing he wants to do is to burden you all with his medical problems. However, since some of you have indicated a heartfelt concern for his welfare, he has asked me to give you all a quick update.

He has thankfully finished his radiation therapy. It has gone well as far as we can tell, however, it has of course knocked him around. He is bearing up well and continues to defy any pessimism on behalf of the medical profession. He is hoping to be back on board in a couple of weeks and thanks you all for your patience.

One positive aspect of the situation is that since his radiation therapy, he now finds that when he gets up in the night to use the bathroom, he doesn’t need to turn the lights on.


Keep all guns firing. You are now the new illuminati :-)

Larry well done for getting through your treatment. I found the radiation the hardest. But I never did glow in the dark. Shame about that, would have been useful. Stay well.

For Gaz.......

Interesting that Thomas Markle revealed to Prince Harry his thoughts on Trump. Harry then said to him to give Trump a go. So for all those "imagining" that Harry is a leftie, time to rethink or stop guessing peoples's preferences In fact I admire both this young princes for their military careers.

Old guys are tough. Come back soon.

Pickering Post readers are advised that the Pelican and Chopper will be back on this site from the early hours of this morning, posting rot, crap, idiocy and twaddle via the auto posting devices placed into their heads by Mossad doctors. All posts under the names of these two zombies will originate with Mossad agents at Bondi Junction

Hahaha, Bolt sets Leftard heads exploding by suggesting the ABC be sold off, check out the Leftards coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches after a baygon spray. So protective of THEIR ABC that needs OUR money to survive!!! :

Hurry back LP.

Clive thinks he is Trump , and the media are just talking fake news about him

Pickering Post readers are wondering what has caused an increase in the volume of twaddle, rot, crap and general garbage posted on this site by the Pelican over the past twelve hours. There is a simple explanation. The Pelican was taken back to Mossad's secret center at Bondi Junction last night. The automatic posting device implanted in his head two weeks ago was updated to increase the lunatic's output of insanity to 1.7 times its previous level. Sailor and Chopper were fine tuned at the same time, also for the purpose of refining the lunacy posted here by them. Sailor proved more difficult to tune than Chopper and will be off the air for an indefinite length of time. Updates when available


Rowan Dean - 2GB - a must for conservative PPs.

Turnbulls Carbon Tax In Disguise - Tony Abbott has labelled Malcom Turnbull's signature energy policy as a "carbon tax in disguise" and accused the government of trying to introduce the policies of Julia Gillard...Former Prime Minister Abbott said he would only be in favour of the national energy guarantee if it allowed for the construction of a new coal fired power station, declaring heavy industry would be doomed without reliable power.

Quick TOSIR new post up and by god is about god.


Andrew Bolt anounces that it is 3 years since Trump has made the Media look like clowns. I would say that he is still doing it. Also I recall Bolt not being a Trumo fan at the time, the article is interesting so too the footage, the comments from some of the bloggers shows how ignorant and biased the left is.:

So the Libs have their annual federal council meeting. Grassroots members also voted to have the ABC privatised in a bid to saving taxpayers cash but whoah and behold, Scott Morrison rejected it!

The Strange Death of Europe series -Italy Demands Migrant NGO Boats Leave Mediterranean, Mocks Leftist Crew Members : Matteo Salvini has demanded the Netherland recall the Dutch flagged 'rescue' ships of open borders NGOs declaring that Italy refuses to be complicit in the "illegal immigration business". Deputy Prime Minister and interior minister Matteo Salvini hit out a German 'rescue' charities operating the LIfeline and the Seefuchs on Saturday morning, noting that the vessels were hanging around the Libyan coast "waiting to pick up their next load of humans" brought to sea by criminal and sometimes TERROR LINKED people smugglers. "As a government minister and a father, they can attack me and threaten me as much as they want, but I will not give up and I do this for the good of all

The usual online troll activists who pollute the PP pages regularly like to often say dopey childish and taunting things like 'What has Trump done?...nothing nothing nothing, nyah nyah ect.
They appear to be pro abc and fake media retards Soros getup fags.

When you see a factual story like this, the numbers are astounding. This is just one small part of what difference a Trump govt is making in just one of the many subjects .
Outstanding work.

Turdbull loses 34 Polls in a row. But the CINO's and MSM don't understand how his personal rating is so high!! News Flash wankers! Thats because those who like the Turd will not be voting for him or his party! They will be voting Greens and Labor, and you think you have a Conservative Government: