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Thursday, 21st March 2019

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Playing Snakes and Ladders with Australia’s Electricity Supply

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


 Every day some green energy promoter or a battery salesman tells us how green energy with battery backup will supply Australia’s future electricity needs.

A battery stores energy. Energy can be stored using lead-acid, nickel/cadmium, lithium, molten salt, pumped hydro, hydrogen, flywheels, compressed air or some other smart gizmo. But NOT ONE battery produces new energy – they simply store and discharge energy produced by other means. They all deliver less energy than they consume. Moreover, to manufacture, charge, use and dispose of batteries consumes energy and resources.

The idea of producing reliable grid power from intermittent green energy backed up by batteries looks possible in green doodle-diagrams, but would be absurdly inefficient and expensive.

 Solar works a six hour day

Consider a solar panel which is rated to collect say 100 units of energy per day at full capacity, in full mid-day sunlight, with a clean panel, properly aligned to face the sun.

No solar energy arrives overnight and only minimal amounts arrive during the three hours after dawn or before dusk. That means that solar energy can only be collected for about 6 hours per day, providing it is not cloudy, raining or snowing. No amount of research or regulation will change this – the solar energy union only works a six-hour day and takes quite a few sickies. So instead of feeding 100 units of energy per day into the grid, at best, the panel supplies just 25 units.

Can the addition of batteries give us 24/7 power from solar?

To deliver 100 units of energy in 24 hours will require an extra 75 units of energy to be collected, stored and delivered by the batteries every sunny day. This will require another three solar units devoted solely to re-charging batteries in just 6 sunny hours.

Cloudy/wet days are what really expose the problems of solar plus batteries. (This is why isolated green power systems must have a diesel generator in the shed.)

To insure against, say, 7 days of cloudy weather would require a solar/battery system capable of collecting and storing 700 units of energy while still delivering 100 units to consumers every day. However if several consecutive weeks of sunny weather then occurs, this bloated system is capable of delivering 7 times more power than needed, causing power prices to plunge, driving reliable generators out of business and wasting the life of solar panels producing unwanted electricity.

Solar energy obviously does best in sunny equatorial deserts, but that is not where most people live. And the huge Desertec Solar Power Dream for the northern Sahara has failed.

The report card on wind energy is different, but equally depressing.

When Australia had reliable, predictable coal-gas-hydro power in every state, the need for heavy interstate transmission was minimal. But green power will require robust and costly interstate transmission facilities to send large amounts of power at short notice from sunny coal-rich Queensland to cloudy Victoria, windless South Australia or droughted Tasmania.

We are told that wind/solar plus pumped water storage will provide adequate grid power. Unfortunately those huge hydro-pumps need steady continuous power – something not provided by intermittent green energy. So are politicians planning to install huge chemical batteries or diesel motors to steadily re-charge the elevated water storages in order to get back less energy than was consumed by the pumps?

Both wind and solar are unpredictable, unreliable, intermittent and weather-dependent energy sources. They require large collection areas with a cob-web of access roads and transmission lines. Their output can change suddenly and cannot be managed easily to meet demand fluctuations. They need flexible backup power able to swing in quickly to maintain stability and supply.

Gas provides the easiest back-up for green energy, but gas exploration is banned in many areas of NSW, South Aust and the whole of gas-rich Victoria. Canny residents of the green states are now investing in diesel generators.

 The Perfect Solar Battery

Mother Earth has already given us the perfect solar battery for long-term storage of energy: it is called “Coal”. Solar power from sunlight is converted by photosynthesis into wood, and thence into coal for high-density long-term solar energy storage. The downside to this system is that it has tied up large quantities of carbon that is therefore unavailable to the natural world. The upside is that releasing the energy from coal also releases life-giving CO2 back into the biosphere, where it belongs.

Our growing energy crisis was caused by political interference – Australian politicians have not learned last century’s lessons of central planning in the comrade societies.

                                          Coal, a third world nation's life-line

Robert Gottliebsen writing in “The Australian” 21/3/2017 puts it succinctly:

“The looming crisis is much worse than I expected. Three state governments, Victoria, NSW and South Australia, have vandalised our total energy system. The Premiers of each state clearly had no idea what they were doing. . .”

He also wrote:
“My information from the best possible sources is that if Victoria’s Hazelwood power station is shut on April 2, there is a 75% chance of blackouts in NSW and Victoria next summer.”

The best solution would be to cease all government force-feeding of intermittent green energy, get politicians out of the energy business and allow the construction of any gas/coal/nuclear or hydro plants that stack up for energy companies, investors and consumers. This will eliminate all the land-loss, materials and labour involved in building, running and maintaining an unreliable, unpredictable, uneconomic, intermittent and absurdly expensive solar/wind/battery/hydro/diesel monstrosity?”

Intermittent energy with batteries or back-up should be used and paid for by those who find them useful. They should not be subsidised or forced on to power grids or reluctant consumers.

Society has better things to do with community cash than squandering it on massive green energy toys and battery baloney.



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What do they think China is doing with ALL the Coal we Sell them, at ridiculously cheap prices? It is running "their" Power stations so "their" Industry can thrive....Our Industry can't even turn the Light switch on and know it will stay on... How does this make Sence? because I cant see Anything about this that is good for Australia, and That makes ME damn angry with those who are wasting Australia and it's Resources in the name of Laziness and Greed.......

“cannot provide grid base power”

Nor can they provide grid frequency stability.

Without that stability, within /- about 1 or 2Hz, the grid MUST shut down to avoid irreversible damage, not just to the grid, but also to much of the domestic and commercial electrical equipment being used on the grid.

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For those who appreciate the beauty of nature

In the US 'renewable energy' wind turbines kill these beautiful creatures by the millions, annually.


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From Michael Smith News

US House of Reps passes Honest Science Act - requires the truth from climate cult people

A Bill to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from proposing, finalizing, or disseminating regulations or assessments based upon science that is not transparent or reproducible.

The Climate Catastrophists' empire is on the way out. Trump is magnificent!

yes Viv...this all proves that when you start talking about "Global Warming" or "Renewable Energy" are either talking to a realist that knows physics and science and what is practicable or to someone who is a utopian pie in the sky believer...after a while you start to realize that those that believe in the utopian dream and chasing rainbows are people that are fucking dumb as dog-shit when it comes to science and how our economic prosperity fits in all to-gether...the fact that there so much cheap coal, about 300 years worth known and that coal now days is burnt very cleanly completely doesn't matter to them...its their religion and they want to believe in it no matter how much you show them the cant reason with stupid ignorant people, they like to skip around chanting..

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Your all welcome to come to South Australia the hub of green renewable energy we are world leaders at this absolutely fantastic.

Batteries are not gonna save SA VIC QLD and all of Australia Nuke or Black Coal generation is required for stable reliable power.Why can't the FAARRKKWITS in power understand this pardon the pun LOL this is the land of FAARKKKWITS !!!!!!

The pics are pretty, neat and ordered, but will they (solar/battery) work? In a billion dollars time, we in SA will be able to tell you. In truth it will probably be in 2 bill. Dollars time

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That's it then, just heard the head boffin from the weather bureau in Perth happily "forecast" that the west would have a warmer and drier winter than usual, better get out the row boat to prepare for the ensuing flood plus shake out all the winter clothes I can muster, it's gonna be freezing, that's for sure.

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When Keenan’s wife confronted him about the allegations, he responded, “I did it.”"