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Wednesday, 19th September 2018

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Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


I live in SE Queensland. Yesterday the surface air temperature rose from a frosty 2ºC at sunrise to a balmy 22ºC in mid-afternoon. The enormous heat needed to achieve this 20ºC of warming came via radiation from the sun. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays no significant part in this daily heating event – in fact it may intercept a tiny proportion of the incoming solar radiation and re-radiate it in all directions, thus keeping the daytime surface temperature a tiny bit cooler than it would have been otherwise.

At the deep Mount Isa Mine in NW Queensland, the surface temperature may average about 25ºC but it increases by about 1ºC every 50 metres of depth – rock walls are red hot in places. The enormous heat causing this comes via conduction from Earth’s geothermal heat plus some oxidation and heating of the sulphide ores as they come in contact with natural air containing oxygen. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays no part in this heating.

There are volcanic windows open right now in Hawaii, Japan and the Galapagos revealing the vast resources of volcanic geothermal heat which is always migrating towards the cooler surface, sometimes violently.

Temperatures vary greatly over Earth’s surface, making a mockery of attempts to calculate an “average” for the globe. Air surface temperature may be minus 30ºC at the South Pole, while at the same time it can be plus 30ºC at the Equator. This enormous difference is caused by the varying intensity of solar radiation striking the surface - carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays no significant part in creating this variance.

Surface air temperatures in big cities can be 5-10ºC hotter than surrounding rural land partly because bitumen roads, roofs and runways heat up more than grassy or forested countryside. Mega-cities are also full of heat-producing humans, engines, trains, vehicles, air conditioners, heaters, stoves, fridges, pumps and mowers.

Urban heat also comes from the warm bodies and hot exhalations from millions of humans digesting carbon-based foods, from stored chemical energy from burning hydro-carbons (wood, lignite, coal, oil and gas) or from nuclear power. Using green energy also adds to urban heat. Wind towers and solar farms extract energy from wind and sun in the country-side and release it where most of the electricity is used, usually in cities and suburbs. Aging black rooftop solar panels convert much of the solar radiation into heat not electricity, thus adding to urban heat. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plays no measurable part in producing these islands of urban heat.

Longer term, the Medieval Warm Era and the Little Ice Age were natural occurrences almost certainly triggered by solar cycles which activated submarine volcanic activity along Earth’s extensive mid-ocean trenches/ridges. Human production of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere played zero part in these natural global warming and cooling episodes.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere varies annually with the seasons reaching a maximum in the South Hemisphere summer for two perfectly natural reasons.

First, the huge southern oceans expel carbon dioxide as the surface water warms with the return of the summer (like an opened bottle of soda water in the sun).

At the same time it is turning to winter in the large northern hemisphere landmass where deciduous trees and forests are dropping their leaves, and crop residue is accumulating on cultivated lands. As this dead plant material decomposes it recycles its CO2 to the atmosphere. And as winter grips these densely populated lands, humans are also burning wood, peat, cow dung, coal, oil and gas to keep warm, releasing even more CO2.

Then as the sun-driven seasons change, the southern oceans cool again and much of this carbon dioxide returns to the sea from whence it came. And the northern farms and forests grow faster in their summer, absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide and solar energy to produce food and lumber.

This annual fluctuation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a result, not a cause, of the seasonal temperature changes.

What happens in the seasonal weather cycle also occurs as a result of longer climate cycles of cooling and warming. The ice core records show that the changes in global temperatures precede by about 800 years any changes to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is probably a result of large slow overturning in the oceans as global temperatures change in response to cycles of solar energy and earth volcanism.

Despite all of this evidence of natural changes in Earth’s temperature, man’s production of invisible life-supporting carbon dioxide is being slandered daily with words like “dirty” “black”, “polluting” “heat causing”. And those who point to dissenting evidence are called “deniers”, “shills” and worse, and gagged by intimidatory law suits and media silence.

Billions of dollars are also being spent on a propaganda storm of anti-carbon scare stories, Papal proclamations, cunning calculations, doctored data, and poignant pictures about polar bears, penguins, koalas, super-storms, social costs, floods, fires, mega-droughts, heat waves and blizzards, all supposedly impacted by rising atmospheric carbon dioxide. With just 0.04% in the atmosphere, to create such havoc carbon dioxide must be the most powerful super-gas ever imagined by the alarmists.

The green mafia is trying to lynch an innocent victim - the gas of life, carbon dioxide. They would be better served by focussing on real pollution of air, land and water caused by their own well-travelled, air-conditioned, electronic, fast-food, throw-away, tax-supported lifestyle. If they fear carbon dioxide so much, they should stop exhaling.

We need more light and less heat in the climate debate.

Viv Forbes
[email protected]
Washpool, Qld. Australia


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US wants a coup in Venezuela because of its oil reserves, says Abby Martin in recent interview (Video)
In a recent episode of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp, Empire Files host Abby Martin describes America’s desire to overthrow the Venezuelan regime as a part of its desire to get at Venezuela’s massive oil reserves. Martin discusses how this aspect of US foreign policy is not new and continues on, perhaps with a new vigour, under the Trump administration.
RT reports:
The American empire and its media openly talk coup in Venezuela because it sits on vast – and nationalized – oil resources, and this is US expansionism at its finest, The Empire Files host Abby Martin told Lee Camp.
Venezuela’s oil – nationalized by Nicholas Maduro’s socialist government – is key in understanding why the US neoliberal establishment and their media openly talk regime change, Abby Martin, who hosts a show on Venezuelan Telesur, told Lee Camp in an interview edition of Redacted Tonight........................."

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A breath of fresh air. Thanks Viv.....but they take no notice, driven like lemmings, blinded by the crap from people like Gore and Flannery, unable to fact check for themselves, and that's only the politicians!!

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It's not just the inconvenience. Coles and Woolworth's ban on plastic shopping bags could even kill their customers. A study found San Francisco’s plastic bag ban made customers switch to reusable bags which accumulate deadly bacteria, causing "5.4 annual additional deaths". Worse, Woolworth's reusable "green" bag can't even be washed.

How to get it so wrong!
The Liberal Party has won WA's Darling Range by-election and regained the seat vacated by disgraced former Labor MP Barry Urban, with voters punishing the McGowan Government in its first electoral test.

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Tommy Robinson Sentenced to Certain Death

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This piece on CO2 should be the greenies bible. Why do you think they hate CO2 so much when it is the life blood of plants?. They really are mixed up creatures.
I love carbon dioxide and you should too

What’s got lost in the global warming trash/debate, and that is all it is, is the massive benefit such a thing would bring to earth.
There would be significant benefit to nature as well as humans but try and tell people that and you become a green heretic, inane simpleton or old white male or some such nasty.

Gregory Wrightstone spells out a more scientific view of one part of the CO2 debate.
The demonization of the “miracle molecule,” carbon dioxide, continued last week with the announcement that its concentration had reached 410 parts per million (ppm).Nearly all reporting of this noted that this was the highest level in 800,000 years and predicted a host of associated climate calamities.While the current concentration of this vital gas is about 40% higher than at the start of the Industrial Revolution, unreported is that Earth has been suffering from steadily decreasing and perilously low concentrations of CO2. Until the consumption of fossil fuels began liberating this important gas from ancient rocks , the Earth had been flirting with dangerously low levels not seen for more than 600 million years.

During nearly all of Earth’s history, carbon dioxide concentration was at many multiples of our current level, averaging 2,600 ppm, or 6.5 times our current measurement.

Forerunners of most of the plants we rely on for sustenance first appeared around 150 million years ago when CO2 levels were more than 2,000 ppm. Since that time CO2 has fallen steadily and precipitously.

In fact, at the end of the last ice age, carbon dioxide reached the dangerously low level of 182 ppm, thought to be the lowest since the Pre-Cambrian time period more than 600 million years ago.

Why is it dangerous? Because 150 ppm is the lowest level at which plant life can survive. We came within a whisker of breaching that “line of death.” Until we began adding CO2 to the atmosphere, there was no guarantee that this horrific threshold would not be crossed in the future.

Rather than spreading fear of increasing carbon dioxide, we should be thankful that both the Earth and humanity are thriving, in part due to more CO2.

It has been long known that increasing CO2 benefits plant growth through the CO2 fertilization effect. Recognizing the benefits of this, greenhouses often increase CO2 to 1,500 ppm. Research from laboratory studies by the Center for the Study of CO2 and Global Change have documented that a 300 ppm rise in CO2 levels would increase plant biomass by 25 to 50%. This significant boost in plant productivity, along with a boost from lengthening growing seasons, means that we are better able to feed a hungry planet.

An additional significant benefit from this increasing CO2 fertilization is that the plants have smaller stomata (pores) and have lessened water needs. Less water used means that more stays in the ground and is leading to increasing soil moisture across much of the planet and a “greening” of the Earth.

According to NASA, up to 50% of the Earth is “greening,” in part due to higher CO2 levels. This increased soil moisture is a primary cause for the long-term decrease in forest fires and droughts worldwide.

The benefits of increasing CO2 don’t stop with accelerating plant growth and increasing soil moisture. The biological impacts section of the 2014 white paper Climate change reconsidered II provided quite a lengthy list of additional benefits in addition to those mentioned above. The main points are listed below:

More CO2 makes plants grow faster and with less stress.
Forests are growing faster in response to increasing CO 2.
More CO2 stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria in both soil and water.
CO2 fertilization, leading to more plant growth, means less erosion of topsoil.
More CO2 means bigger crop yields, and more and bigger flowers.
More CO2 fosters glomalin, a beneficial protein created by root fungi.
More CO2 helps plants to create natural repellants to fight insect predators.
Although I do not pretend to speak for the planet’s flora, I am quite certain that, if plants had a say in the matter, they would not lobby for reductions in CO2 levels. For plants, CO2 is food. They need more of it, not less.