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Friday, 22nd June 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The ABC gets Michelle Guthrie as MD and she immediately upsets comfortable ABC staff by declaring 200 of them will get the chop. Ms Guthrie, who was not on the ABC Board’s shortlist of MDs to replace the disastrous Mark Scott, wants to take on global giants Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Netflix.

Okay, that’s sounds good, but I don’t want to take on these monoliths... well, not using my money anyway. She also suggests that “popular” presenters like Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas will get more deserved air time. Blimey, most blokes (and even a few sheilas) would pull a range of muscles in a mad panic to switch the dials and remotes off both of these birds.

Our dear Ms Guthrie (above) is receiving a $70,000 increase on former Mark Scott’s salary to an obscene $900,000 pa, with extras taking that figure well over $1 million, but really that’s quite reasonable considering the ABC’s wage bill tops almost $500 million plus a tonne of exes, super, Paid Parental Leave, extended holidays and an array of other taxpayer-funded PS benefits we poor bastards never knew existed. 

The payout to staff takes up half of its entire yearly budget of over $1 billion.

How’s that for a fully-funded mob without competition that can delightedly eat into FTA and Cable TV’s bottom lines without having to justify a fornicating thing.

          Jim Spigelman, expressed bitter disappointment at not getting a second term

New Chairman, replacing the far Left, self-pleasuring Jim Spigelman, is Malcolm Turnbull’s close mate, Justin Milne, who was Principal Private Secretary to Labor’s hapless Gough Whitlam.

                                            Justin Milne (left) with friends

Under Turnbull’s instruction, Milne was asked to apply for the Chairman’s job by loyal Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield. Milne said the ABC was, “accountable to the audience rather than to either side of politics”. Hmmm, hope he lets Q&A know about that.

His main claim to fame was his involvement with the NBN where he praises Turnbull loudly despite the unsolved mess Labor, and subsequently Turnbull, left the NBN in, and it remains that way.

                                       Turnbull's influence on female quotas

Milne suggested in an SMH interview that he would not be interfering with MD Michelle Guthrie. Hmmm again. He also believes there is no perceivable bias at the ABC… golly he must have a different brand of TV to mine. But being Turnbull’s close mate says enough about that crap.

Female executives like Guthrie all have one thing in common, they invariably employ women who are more cosmetically challenged and a few IQ points lower than themselves. It’s safer that way, because when challenged by superior blokes they can always scream sex discrimination.

                                                        Kelly and Karvelas

Although that might be a little difficult with Fran Kelly because she is homosexual and proud of it. The ABC has well over the average quota of homosexual, Aboriginal and Muslim employees.

Kelly received a "Same Same" (literally meaning Homo, Homo) award, recognising her as one of the country's most influential gay and lesbian Australians. Hmmmm, again.

If Turnbull was the centrist he claims to be he would have reformed the ABC into a slim impartially informative radio newscaster only. It consistently abuses its role in television and is a shining example of all that is wrong with Australia’s media.

If you doubt the pillow talk or the incestuous makeup of media, here’s an abridged example of just a few current couplings:

 You see? Without a rash of divorces, nothing much in the near future will be changing to improve our incestuous media’s bias. Thanks Malcolm.



I always thought the media was up itself. Now I know!

Australian Government Acts of Treason 1/4

"The "peace" which Israel intends to confer is no more and no less than "genocide," the warrant for the execution of all humanity - except for those allowed to live as culture-less slaves." - Herve Ryssen
According to Rysssen, 46, a French National Front member and former history professor,
Jewish "Messianism" is a happy face for the NWO. "Peace" means the end of all resistance to their tyranny.
Through their control of credit and the banking system, "Israel" (Cabalist Judaism, Illuminati) is rapidly advancing to their goal, the "peace" of their world government. Thanks to Freemasonry, the Gentile establishment is largely their proxy. Nevertheless, ordinary Jews and non-Jews need to understand why the world is the way it is, and why we have "terrorism," NSA surveillance, "Homeland Security" and endless war.

another thing the list has confirmed is my long held belief the less I have to do with the msm the better off I will be. Conducting my own research on youtube is proving much much more enlightening informative and interesting...

Reads like a slops ingredients list at keatings old pig farm..!

That's an incredible wonder the press in this country is rooted

A quick speed animation of the "rescue ships" ie migrant taxi's legally smuggling Africans across the Mediterranean and into Europe,

“Yes, I run your government funded ‘News network’ (read Tax-payer funded) and get to brainwash you at the same time!! Oy Vey!”

Mark Steyn has an impressive piece about the Australian woman shot in Minneapolis by the Mohammedan cop. It's an excellent read as usual. Turns out the cop who shot Justine Damond also assaulted another woman who called 911 on a previous occasion.
Well worth the read:

~Jen~ #Deplorables Retweeted
?? @JPY_Kurdish 18h18 hours ago

Minneapolis Mayor Hodges works for Muslim Brotherhood. She gave Govt./Police positions to Muslims. Justine Damond's blood is on her hands.

Legal Experts: EU Powerless To Stop UK-USA Trade Deal

The European Union is powerless to stop Britain starting to strike up new relationships around the world, top European law academics have said days before Britain’s trade talks with the United States are due to begin.

What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source? ... About 65% of this electricity generation was from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, petroleum, and other gases), about 20% was from nuclear energy, and about 15% was from renewable energy sources.Apr 18, 2017

Turdball is switching to Doris,
And the Stick will henceforth be Boris.
Although a bit hairy,
Barnaby’s Mary,
It’s all been decided by Soros.


A Tale of Red Guards and Cannibals

BEIJING, Jan. 5— Newly disclosed confidential government documents suggest that the Cultural Revolution plumbed previously unreported depths of savagery.

The documents, prepared by local government offices in the 1980's, two decades after the events they describe, seem to offer a meticulous record of how Red Guards and Communist officials in one province not only tortured their victims to death but also ate their flesh.

RABBI SHMULEY: Roger Waters’s Hatred Eclipses His Talent

Every now and then, former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters rises like a ghost from the depths of his own depravity to spew his blatant Jew-hatred shamelessly across the airwaves. He can’t help it.

This site gives the complete coverage of the Justine Damond shooting -

When you click on the above link scroll down and you will see many links regarding the Justine Damond incident -

I clicked on this one - police radio -

O/T.....Bill ShortOn calling for fixed our year terms for politicians. With the performances of some politicians and their usefulness one would think that three years is well and truly long enough for some useless, braindead, leftard politicians to be left with their snouts embedded in the trough. Especially the leftards in the LNP who have come out of the closet and who have identified their true traits, the Laba Pardy and of course those from another planet who identify as Greens.

A lot of noise being made about the tackle on Melbournes Slater! Personakly I couldn't give a rats arse. This guy has a history of dirty play. He got seven weeks for kicking John Skandalis in the head at Leichhardt a few years ago, specialises in sliding in with his feet kicking players to dislodge the ball. Kicked a Canterbury player in the face while making a catch! Real AGrade grub. No doubt all the do gooders will be out in force to rub out the Raiders player! ;

Stabbing at Melbourne Casino!!! No description of attackers! Funny that ;

KERMIT FIRED FROM THE MUPPETS, ... bunch of Muppets.