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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Fraser Anning

Fraser Anning is currently a Federal Senator for Queensland


You may have noticed that these days, when you try to discuss important topics with some people, that they can quickly become heated and emotional.

Pointing out facts which challenge people’s world view is often met with a barrage of insults and name calling.

Imagine if I were to make a statement like, “no African country has become more prosperous after the Whites were chased out”, how would people react?

Would they check to see if this statement was correct, or would they simply dismiss it as an inflammatory or racist statement?

I don’t know why Black African countries have been so slow to develop, or why Europe and the West – and of course Japan and now China – have been so fast.

It could be our religions. It could be culture or ethnicity. I don’t know. Geneticist James Watson believes that it is due to IQ differences. I’m not qualified to judge.

Whatever the cause however, the effects are clear. There are some huge differences in how people around the world work and behave.

For Example, according to news from Europe, in areas where more than 50% of the population are Muslims, there is a strong chance that they will attempt to impose Sharia law.

If I said there are 57 neighbourhoods in Sydney and 25 in Melbourne where the Islamic community is greater than 50%, wouldn’t you think that should be cause for concern?

The Greens say a Saudi woman should be granted asylum because her family are going to kill her. Why can`t I say the same for the white farmers in South Africa.

Huge numbers of White South Africans are being brutally attacked and murdered by their Black neighbours?

Why can’t we talk about that? Why don’t White people deserve protection from brutal murder, but Arabs do?


South Africans living with extreme diversity

This is a puzzle discussed by Professor Eric Kaufmann, in The  Spectator. Kaufmann thinks it is a myth that white people have no ethnicity and that only migrants from non-Western nations have identities that matter. He thinks this is dangerous nonsense, because it supports political correctness.

In particular, Kaufmann argues that white people are like everyone else. The Boers in South Africa have ethnic interests just as much as the Blacks do.

He says that it is completely normal for white people to want to remain the majority in their own countries, such as in Europe and Australia. No one would expect the Chinese to want to become an ethnic minority in China. Why should we want to be a minority here?

Labor and Liberal Governments have been forcing sky-high, indiscriminate immigration on Australia for decades. Consequently, whites will soon become a minority here. Not that Labor or Liberals have admitted to the date. Why not? Perhaps they realise that no one wants to become a minority in a nation they built.

I was asked in a recent interview, “shouldn’t we be celebrating diversity?” “Diversity” means fewer white people and the loss of majority status.

Why should I celebrate that? Whites are the heart of the Australian nation. In a democracy, the loss of majority status means the transfer of power to other ethnic groups.

These groups are happy to vote for their own interests, such as keeping the immigration doors open wide.

Whites are the only ethnic group who are afraid to advocate for their own interests. Perhaps that is why all other politician’s side with ethnic minority groups against the interests of traditional Australians.

All of our politicians and media outlets have been absolutely determined to shut down any discussion of this subject.

I believe it is well past time to be open about the facts. Our politicians have no right to override the will of the people on this issue. Australians have a right to a calm and reasoned discussion of the subject.

They have a right to know when the historic nation is slated to become a minority. Liberal and Labor politicians, their senior bureaucrats and media and university enablers should come clean.

I am determined to open this discussion. I trust you are OK with that.


Senator Fraser Anning


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The only reason there has been large scale Muslim and Black African immigration to Australia is because Jews wanted it.

Spot on Fraser. Many thanks for having the balls to write what most white Aussies believe. At least those that love this country.

Fine by me, Fraser. Though I fear the underlying reason that governments and political parties don't ever want open discussion or policies that reflect the will of the majority can be traced to a mindless commitment to the United Nations and it's anti white, anti Western paradigm. No amount of discussion will alter the insidious grip the UN has over the machinery of governments all over the world. Australia MUST abandon the UN.

Thank you Fraser - good article.

Our brilliant genius in Parliament, from Sth Australia ,has proved her intelligence once again.She thinks Australia Day is in commemoration of Captain Cook's landing at Botany Bay in 1770! Where did the Sth Australian greens dig her up from, and why is she still in Parliament?

Brian, you will never get a truthful answer from Tiger baby....a socialist of the worst kind...a traitor in his own country.During the war in UK they were shot.

I've seen the Ghan before, it's OK, I'm on my second trip. May get a lapel badge or something.

The Aboriginal Rapper that just made the news...I hope he didn't breach any copyright laws......Just remember.......They wrote the words on the cave walls........"Spitting white stuff on Hand" seems to have been a big hit at the time........"Stick Figure" seems to have charted well too.....

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Cats, that is. A purrfect show for cat lovers, called Pussies Galore: Live Me Love My Cats, is meowing, I mean screening, on Ch 90, AEST, right now. One lucky lady, miserable when married, has been reincarnated as the gracious owner of the largest, free range cat sanctuary of its kind, possibly in the world.

Love my cats, and my dog. Prefer them to people! And don’t forget the wimmin’s OZ Tennis Open final this evening — blokes tomorrow.

New post up!

1) Let me break it down for those of you irrationally jumping to conclusions.

Trump is doing this to prove that the dems never had any intentions of negotiating. He can only use the EO after all other avenues were explored, for optics reasons.

Fellow Pickering Posters. I thought I would share this poem with you from William Shakespeare. I first heard it when watching the original Scarlet Pimpernel. I think the words in the poem are more meaningful today in view of Brexit than ever. It could also be changed slightly for our own Country: This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,--
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

Could be a Chinese plan. After all, they have manufactured the perfect appliance for use with alternators/low power generators etc. Just got myself one for such use in the outback, Electric Lunch Box steamer. Check them out. Low power/water use. We have to start thinking smarter than the Chinese!!!

I recon we should be singing God save the Queen, not this advance Australia fair rubbish, after all this is a British colony.

"Gladys Berejiklian is under renewed pressure to fly the Aboriginal flag atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge permanently. Both the new Labor leader and a former Liberal premier now back the campaign to give the Aboriginal flag equal status" - Sydney Morning Herald.

For true Aussies today’s the occasion,
When Arthur Phillip founded our nation,
The abos just think,
That old Centrelink,
Was here before the invasion.

Bound for Botany Bay

Go Fraser!