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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Ever wondered why there are more women than men (there always have been)? The reasons are manifold but mainly it is because historically it was only men who went to wars, it was only the men who were killed. 

Men have always had a lower average life expectancy. Women have always lived longer. Females have always been the inferior, unwanted species, boys were what it was all about and that is mainly still the case especially in Asia .

China’s one-child policy has left a population imbalance with a preponderance of boys exchanging Valentine's Day cards. Parents confined to one child could not afford the risk of producing a girl so, with the aid of sex identification at six weeks, it was a simple case of procuring abortions until the foetus proved to be male.

India was a little behind the times so baby girls had their arms and legs broken and were sent out on the street to beg. Asia still relies on its working sons to provide aged parental welfare not provided by governments.

Seraglios (or harems) in the Muslim world contain many wives and concubines (hookers or women of inferior rank) who are all expected to be pregnant most of the time. Harems are not a sexual thing. Historically harems were necessary because armies regularly lost up to half their men in battle and all available uteri had to be utilised upon the army’s return. 

Roman armies planned for decimation. And that was only the loss of one-tenth of an army.

A woman can only produce one child a year, a man can produce thousands.

A soldier was required by law to take his dead brother’s wife no matter how ugly she was. Army generals had the choice of multiple widows… utilising vacant uteri was a rule of the militaries so as to maintain the combat strength of a nation or village, otherwise in a few short years it would be over-run without the protection of men.

Invading armies always took the fertile women back home with them.

Even the Bible says that a man must take his slain brother’s wife and probably not because he has the hots for her. The fact is that throughout history fertile women have been a valuable, economic commodity.

            Captured German women who could no longer give birth to Germans

Okay, I can hear the feminists screaming, “troglodytic misogynist” already! Well, stiff shit girls, that’s the way it has always been in all species, and it will probably take millennia to change humans… other species can never change.

Most male animals use a female’s urine to test their hotness or readiness to mate but it will be a while before blokes in nightclubs sniff out females before curling their top lips to taste those yummy pheromones. No, a bloke will caress her thigh or kiss her neck risking a slapped face. That's a price we're happy to pay.

Some idiot blokes even fight over an available female as a stallion or an elk will do. How stupid is that? As I said, there are more women than blokes so why fight, there will be another one on the next corner.

But all male animal species will fight to the death to retain their hard-won coterie of females who will guarantee the furtherance of the species' welfare .

The females don’t really care who impregnates them as long as it’s the superior winner of a contest. Many females mate with multiple males thereby ensuring those poor males, (who believe the offspring is theirs) are conned into protecting and feeding the young which are most likely not theirs at all. Clever little females!

Lions who have defeated a pride’s old male will kill the cubs so as to stop the lionesses lactating and bring them in season. Most females will not ovulate while lactating. 

Every male of every species believes his genes are superior.

Breeding is all about the attractive of the species and the attractive one is he who the female decides will produce the strongest and best offspring most suited to an abiding environment.

It will be hard for feminists to get their head around this but an attractive Inuit is short and obese, a signal to the female Inuit that this bloke can stay out on the winter ice for longer and bring home more whale and seal meat for her offspring.

An attractive Aboriginal male to a lubra is skinny and tall, with fast-twitch muscles, able to react with speed, resist the sun and run down emus. All cold weather species are fat, all hot weather species are skinny… there are no fat coyotes and very few skinny walruses. 

The best thoroughbred breeding sites in the world are in cold climates because foals invariably put on more weight more quickly.

So the world-wide hysteria over male molestation of women is largely misplaced. Women have always been prepared to trade their wares for progress. But women can’t complain about being touched when they advertise their wonderful wares so prolifically. 

Men can’t keep their hands off a beautiful new Aston Martin …is a woman any different when she dresses up to attract men? I mean if she doesn’t want to be touched then wear a sandwich board and we won’t go near her, but that’s not what she wants, is it?

Yes, the pilloried white male is only doing what comes naturally, two beautiful breasts advertised with an irresistible cleavage, bare legs all the way up to inviting thighs, no more Cottontails… oh no, it’s now a thong sporting a deliciously bare bum and a finely manicured front bum. Red lipstick, rouge and toe and nail polish, the colour of arousal in all species. Topped off with a pheromone laden perfume! WTF are we supposed to do… ignore it all?

If we are NOT beguiled by a woman’s beauty, we are considered offensively rude and asked to explain why.

So it comes down to signals. And don’t tell me women don’t signal their sexuality. But sometimes we blokes get the signals wrong. The signals might not be for us but might be for a husband or boyfriend and what bloke won’t respect that? But the signals are there for all present ‘tho.

So you sheilas can stop this “respect us” bullshit, that’s easily solved. Just dress up like a butch bird in a bloke’s clothes and it’s guaranteed only another butch sheila will be interested. A bloke will not come near you,

… but that’s not what you really want, is it girls?     


That puts it in perspective. But don't expect the women to agree.

Women don't earn as much money as blokes do but are the'chief spenders, The male has more super which goes to his wife, house etc. Men need to live much longer..

Very, very well put Larry. I'm a red blooded male who is attracted to a good looking lady just like any other. It's part of our evolution. Sorry. How hypocritical of these celebrities who use their sexuality as a manner of manipulating a guy to get what she wants but to then object (years after she got what she wanted I may ad) to his advances. If the girls wish to discourage unwanted attention don't advertise your goods. Dress gender neutral and don't dangle the bait if your not after a catch.

Think the one at the top with the funny hair must have got a knock back.

As Christmas approaches....So does Islam's desire to Slaughter.....Anyone else note that the Terror infused Cult that is Islam has gone surprisingly quiet in the last few weeks.....Another Big one Coming Soon....Hopefully not here, but we can't tell can we.....It is my dreaded prediction that this Christmas will go down as one of the Bloodiest in a long while.....I honestly hope I am wrong but Islam is incapable of controlling it's genetic predisposition to Slaughter....The Timing and Size of the Attacks are the only Variables in the Equation where ever Islam is allowed to fester.....Sadly our Governments insist on inflicting this Terror Infused Cult upon us and our children.....I still don't understand the reason anyone would inflict this Cult upon their own peoples?..

Islam is a Terror infused Cult......If you can tell the government which one's will Morph into a Slaughter machine and remove them from Australia, leaving just the Peaceful ones, I am all ears....Until that can be done...I do not want it walking among Australian Children.....

Just realised that if you take away the glasses of the pic at the top, remove the pink colouring of the hair, it’s freaking Adolph

Are you a President if poofters United?

Cheers t5 , best wishes .

All the best T5.

Look forward to seeing both you and Bagman back here early in 2018.

If you're looking to us to somehow legitimise your homosexual relationship......fuck off!!

Bit rich coming from you! You with your Trump derangement syndrome.

Considering the perspective you have on the world, blunt, of course you would think that. Sounds like a ringing endorsement

Larry McDonald - New World Order

He was the second president of the John Birch Society, and also a cousin of General George S. Patton.

He is a notorious queen in his home town.

No, we won't get over it, Oliver, because it is an abomination. No human law can change the reality that marriage is between a man and a woman. I accept that it is the law of the land, but I will never accept it as true.

Wise words from Ron Paul: "Rights are not gifts from government". In the US, the government used to protect people's inalienable God-given rights, not to confer new ones for minorities.

All anti-discrimination legislation is crap. If a boss wants to hire a young blonde for his front desk why should he have to go through the charade of pretending he's seriously considering mature workers? As he's paying the wage whom he hires is nobody elses business, especially no bureaucrat's.

And as for selecting staff on the basis of their 'representation' in the community - bollocks. THEIR GayBC certainly doesn't. They are over-represented in ethnics, homosexuals, rabid feminists and I've read that 41% of them vote Green! Yeah, that's really representative of mainstream Oz, isn't it. Hypocrites.

Oi Missionhris!!....I think tosser's idea of 'unconditional love' involves a female.....hogtied and gagged!!

thoughts with you. keep us posted. rest well and take care.

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