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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Communist Russia was once the darling of the entire Left. How quickly things change when you think you were dudded in an election. It’s all nonsense of course, as all nations try to influence other nations’ elections, more so now because they are cyber IT efficient.

Obama used millions in taxpayer funds trying desperately to influence the elections in Israel and Canada. He even made a special trip here to suggest that only the global warming policies of Labor and the Greens could save our Great Barrier Reef. But Abbott confined him to a dumb Queensland University audience where naturally he was cheered wildly.

China has infiltrated our security agencies and they don’t even know it! They only realised that the Chinks had obtained the blueprints of the wiring on the new Parkes building in Canberra because they were told about it.

But here’s the main problem and it seems not a soul cares about it. Putin is determined to regain the old Empire of the USSR, unfortunately Eastern and Western Europe is now determined to isolate him with ever-increasing sanctions and continue using Ukraine as a rampart against him.

At the same time Turkey’s Erdogan is equally determined to regain the old Ottoman Empire.

A dozen States are now being eyed by both tyrants and part of the Ottoman Empire was (yep) the envied Crimean Peninsula where Putin currently has his navy in this his only warm water port. Kiev’s corrupt Poroshenko is terrified that Ukraine is now under threat.

                           Arms and uniforms discarded by Erdogan's soldiers

If you have any doubts about Erdogan’s intentions, consider the well-planned faux uprising in his absence that gave him the excuse to kill 4,000 of his opponents on his return and jail and torture another 33,000. Others, fully aware of his intentions, are also being rounded up in preparation. Soldiers simply deserted, refusing to kill their own people.

This is a NATO member that soon intends to join the EU! WTF is going on you might ask?

Most interesting is that Turkey being a member of NATO will invoke Article Five which guarantees that the US and all other members will come to the aid of any member that is attacked. (Trump confirmed this in Poland only last week.)

This would put the US on a collision course with Putin who will doubtless want to annex many of the States that border Turkey, such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,Tajikstan,Turkmenistan and Georgia to the south. 

Also in contention are the Baltic States of Estonia Latvia and Lithuania, and even Belarus and Finland which has been part of the old Soviet for 108 years. It is not a NATO member leaving Putin a free hand, so it has increased surveillance over the Black Sea in recent months as Putin moves steadily to what his former adviser says is his determination to, “...Protect what belongs to him and his predecessors”. Other States that border the landlocked Caspian Sea must also be considered in contention.

Putin, who commands over 80% popularity in Russia, is a master operator and many times smarter than Erdogan who is a dumb, radicalised, Muslim.. and extremely dangerous.

                  Crimea rejects Ukraine and votes for Russian control, something the                                                             West refuses to acknowledge

At least Putin was smart enough to organise a referendum on the Crimean Peninsula before he took it over where a reported 75% said they wanted Russian rule. Crimean officials say 97% of voters backed Russia, but that figure seems excessive.

                                     The West endorses Ukraine style politics

In eastern Ukraine the percentage in favour of Russian rule is likely just as great. The fighting in south eastern Ukraine is all about Poroshenko denying Putin land access to his Crimean port… with the West’s blessing of course. Currently Putin has no land access.  

Ukraine is the agrarian jewel in the old USSR crown and Russian piped gas is supplying most of east and western Europe with Ukraine continuing to steal from the pipeline because it can’t afford to pay. Putin's patience is wearing thin.

                                                        Tsar Nicholas II

According to Andrej Illarionov, Putin’s former chief adviser to G8 meetings, and now a Washington DC resident, “Mr Putin seeks to create ‘historical justice’ with a return to the days of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and the Soviet Union under Stalin.”

Erdogan, a radical Wahhabist/Salafi style Sunni, has demanded Jihad on all who would oppose him and has demanded that Palestine’s “rightful” claim to sole Statehood be recognised and that Israel be forcibly removed.

                Erdogan sytematically tortures and kills thousands of his opposing citizens

Erdogan has supported ISIS with arms, safe houses and safe passage for ISIS stolen oil which he either uses himself or on-sells at a profit. He has denied (only until recently) Turkish air bases to NATO partner, the US, forcing US fighter jets to fly from the Gulf, leaving almost no endurance when pilots arrive over Syria. 

     Erdogan claims it was over Turkish territory... but it was well inside the Syrian border

Relations remain raw and prescient after Erdogan recently shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syrian territory. Erdogan wants only the Kurds killed.

Obama never complained to Erdogan as he (Obama) had already thought up some terrific ways to stop his troops killing any Muslims. His rules of engagement meant only his own US troops were being shot at and killed.

                 Iraq's PM al-Abadi declaring a Shiite victory... trouble ahead for Mosul

Erdogan has demanded that only Sunnis must occupy Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul which has only just been retaken from ISIS by the American backed Shiite Government of al Abadi who was installed by Obama. Now there’s a hornet’s nest about to be poked, because al Abadi has already claimed Mosul as his own Shiite caliphate headquarters.

Turkish tanks were ordered to sit and watch ISIS take the strategic border town of Kobane

Erdogan pretended to send his bombers after ISIS but only bombed the hated Kurds who were effectively fighting ISIS despite Obama’s refusal, at Erdogan's insistence, to supply them with weapons. Just as Putin pretended to bomb ISIS yet only bombed the rebels fighting to unseat his duly elected ally in President Bashar Assad.

Make no mistake, both Putin and Erdogan are the worst of the worst, and Assad is no better. But Obama has set the stage for another three million to be killed and another five million refugees to run through Turkey into the arms of Europe's Frau Merkel.

If Trump wants to pull these savages into line then he must insist they clean up their own mess and cater for every single refugee. There is more room on the Peninsula than in Europe. But tight-arsed Arabs prefer that someone else wipes their hairy bums.

Erdogan is determined that his rebuilt Ottoman Empire will be the new Middle Eastern Wahhabi style Muslim Caliphate from where he can sit and watch Saudi Arabia and Iran destroy each other.

 Putin's former adviser, Andrej Illarionov, (above) says Putin’s plans are well underway

Already Arab States are splitting in response to Trump's urgings, as they try to disenfranchise tiny Qatar and dismantle its anti-Egyptian Al Jazeera TV network. Turkey is about to become a safe haven for Egypt’s ousted Muslim Brotherhood.

The Al Monitor newspaper recently claimed, “Looked at rationally, it’s obvious that Turkey is isolated in the region. But the architects of Turkey’s current policies refer to this as ‘precious isolation’ and believe supporting Wahhabi Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood is the correct thing to do,”.

                                      Trump needs to get out of the Saudi bed

Saudi Arabia, architect of 9/11, has been an active exporter of extreme Wahhabi ideology for generations including creating and fostering the Taliban in Afghanistan. It finances the building of mosques world-wide by charging the West a halal certification tax, yet the West refuses to stop it as it might risk their exports.

It’s a mess and it’s about to get much worse. The US cannot abide Turkey as an ally and a member of NATO who will use its membership to best advantage. And Trump cannot trust the EU which is inexplicably considering admitting Turkey into the Union.

                                         Ignoring 97% of the world's supply

The Middle East is no longer a place for America or its allies to be and it must soon abandon Afghanistan and finally spray the poppy fields that supply 97% of the world’s heroin which in turn entirely funds its war against the struggling, corrupt, US backed Afghan Government.

Why the US under Obama and the younger Bush refused to spray those fields is another nasty story. Their argument was that spraying the poppy fields would force Afghani farmers to return to growing vegetables and back into the arms of the Taliban. Bullshit!

Yawn… Christ, that Obama was a dickhead!

Trump needs to ignore Merkel’s EU and nurture a closer relationship with Putin and tell Erdogan to go fornicate himself, otherwise the US can look forward to a third world war from a greater distance with one side (Turkey) demanding it be protected under NATO’s Article Five. (How's that for an imminent shit fight?)

ISIS, if defeated, was bad enough but the oncoming fight for ascendancy between Turkey and Russia will make ISIS look like a kindergarten spat.

Either way the first world needs to extricate itself from this unholy arsehole of an area of above-ground, Islamic sewage.


You're not the guy that was giving us a lecture on his CO2 soda stream rumpole 36?

The guy didn't understand thermodynamics and the Joule–Thomson effect and promptly orphaned my reply that linked to the information. Lot of exspurts around here rumpole 36.

You're no the guy that was giving us a lecture on his CO2 soda stream rumpole 36?

The guy didn't understand thermodynamics and the Joule–Thomson effect and promptly orphaned my reply that linked to the information. Lot of exspurts around here rumpole 36.

No wannabe about it sailor. I consider myself superior to both MarkM and you.

Stoney#20, it's easy to understand if you follow their religious teachings. They are taught from a very young age that they are superior to non-Jews and that they can treat non-Jews more poorly than they treat each other. They are also taught that they can expect sudden out bursts of anger from non-Jews because of the way they treat non-Jews at a lower standard than Jews. So you see, Jews are persecuted by non-Jews all the time for treating non-Jews at a lower standard than Jews. Jews expect they can treat non-Jews this way, and non-Jews resent being treated this way. Non-Jews still haven't learnt their place in societies where Jews live yet.

Mark, now that's a reasonable comment. Stoned however is a lost cause I think.

No DH, I got my point of view about 4 years ago when studying the Islam issue. I found out that Jews and Jewish organisations were the main movement, in a massively disproportionate way, behind immigration policy and refugee advocacy in Western countries.

It's Hooray (Last Word) Harry. Hope "we" get a Jewish Judge for what? Looking for a bit of favouritism from the tribe? Little bit worried that you don't have enough and will get called out for your trolling, provoking, vexatious and frivolous behaviour. You have quite a long history of it, don't you? Won't look good if you've left behind a long trail of that sort of behaviour. Doing long distance favours so you can get this one across the line? You poor desperate woman.

Just wondering where you blokes got your weird points of view. School, uni, are either of you public servants or lawyers?

Stoney has little regard for reason or the truth for that matter.

The troll orphan your post?

I'm unblocked and taking names. You are out of your depth HH on some many levels.

No DH, only know him from this forum. We are just awake, that's all.

As I thought HH, no evidence to back up your assertions, just baseless innuendo and more argumentum ad hominem. Be careful with that strategy against people HH, some people end up in court being sued for it. And strawman arguments from unrepresented third parties with unverified hearsay assertions. Desperate to prove your case with smears and no evidence HH. That's typical of your tribe.

Mark, are you and Stoned rooting one another?

seriously stoney?..they are completely different

Eric..yeah funny that eh...

Yep Drac, Stoney#20 has been trolling all over the threads, what a dropkick.

Little Johnny Howard is no Liberal hero, it was on his orders that Australia followed the US into never ending conflict in the Middle East and his doing in stripping the honest citizens of guns but helpless in disarming the criminals.

HH, I call you on your post as being BS and ask you provide the proof to back up your assertion. No proof = baseless claim.

What's AU$1.6 millions in NZ dollars? . . .