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Friday, 15th December 2017

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The only time a politician wants to talk about increasing the term of Office is when blokes like Shorten are convinced they will win the next election… clearly his suggestion of four years was prompted by inaccurate media predictions.

But seriously, it doesn’t really matter whether the term is three or four years, providing an election is called at the PM’s discretion at any time within that term. The greater question is: “Why are we still operating with an unworkable Senate that still pretends to be a States’ House.

It’s no more a States’ House that the Reps is! Its role is obstructionist, party political, and it's entirely unrepresentative because a State like Tassie can elect the same number of Senators as can New South Wales or Victoria.  The UK House of Lords (a Senate) with hundreds of Father Xmases watch the Queen open Parliament

It doesn’t work and, as long as elections are Party political, then elected Senate Members must hold to the Party line regardless of any State’s interests.

Ten Senators for Tassie who “represent” 516,000 people and ten for NSW who “represent 7.5 million people? How can that be fair when they vote along Party lines anyway. 

And what about Senators Katy Gallagher and Zed Seselja of the ACT, who “represent” a mere 400,000 people? And the ACT has also afforded itself two Reps’ seats. That’s usually four votes for Labor and guess who, when in Government, organised that little gerrymander rort?

One man, one vote, bullshit! And Just look at the mayhem in the US with only two Senators for each State. The US Senate (above) is not anything like representing individual States, and two votes would hardly matter anyway even if both Senators were of the same Party.

A Senate may have made sense when Federations were being established and developing States out West were in danger of being ignored by the Eastern States. That is no longer the case as California with a population of 40 million (almost double that of Australia) is today taking steps to secede from the Federation.

And why not? It is a progressively Left and wealthy State where Trump is hated with a passion by pillow-biting Marxists in cities like San Francisco that will not want Washington DC's assistance until the San Andreas fault awakens with another yawn.

The role of a Senate in Australia is long lost as all States boast one (except QLD) where bicameral Houses are called Councils (Senates) and Legislative Assemblies (Reps). Or some other titles but operate exactly as Canberra’s Federal Parliament does while ceding to the Commonwealth the usual Federal powers.

In the UK there have also been a few Lords' Ladies to have copped a good ol' rogering on the iconic red benches.

Okay, so that’s a truncated, layman's history of the decadent Lords but after the time I have spent in that hallowed hall of wankers, I can accurately say it’s nothing more than a giant piss-up with drunks wandering in and out all day and night looking for the caches of Scotch in between four-course free meals and naps.

                                         Lord Foulkes catches some shuteye...

                                         ... before a boozy lunch with the ladies

UK's favourite pillow biter, Stephen Fry (above) proudly says he partook of a class-A drug in the House of Lords. Big deal, so have I with the Queen's disowned cousin and total ratbag, Lord George Milford-Haven. 

                Almost 1500 Members attend the Queen's opening of Parliament

Australia needs a Westminster style House of Review, (without hundreds of Father Xmases) reputable and without the UK's raucus revelry, that cannot obstruct an elected House of Reps. It needs no more Members than it has now and they must be appointed by the Governor General at the request of alternatively sitting PMs or an independent panel.

Really it’s that simple… and it would avoid the destructive obstruction all elected governments suffer trying to enact legislation they were elected to enact. And there would be no more parachuting of unelected morons like the dastardly Dastyari and the inane Nova Peris into Senate seats.

But a referendum without a King and a Tower of London could be a problem.


bring back Tar and Feathering .....and then bring on the "Righteous Dictator" to replace em all....

Heatwave forecast yesterday, now today BoM reports - Issued at 9:55 am Sunday, 30 July 2017.
A strong cold front will move across southeastern New South Wales during Sunday afternoon and evening. Vigorous west to northwesterly winds are expected ahead of the front.

"At the recent Global Family Planning Summit in London, Melinda Gates, wife of the billionaire leftist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $375 million to organizations that provide contraceptives and abortions over the next four years, according to the U.K.-based magazine Marie Claire.

Although Gates stated that the money would only go towards contraceptives and sex education, explained that such a claim is utterly false. “The fundability of money makes it easier for pro-abortion organizations to provide abortion internationally,” Life News reported. “In other words, every dollar the Gates Foundation gives to Planned Parenthood for distributing birth control or building an abortion-friendly clinic frees up a dollar

"Europe on ALERT: Earthquake rocks Iceland's biggest volcano as it prepares to BLOW"

"THE biggest volcano in Iceland is ready to erupt after a swarm of earthquakes – and could spark a repeat of 2010’s flight chaos.

The Katla volcano is now on yellow alert after a 3-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the early hours of this morning.
The quake was followed by smaller tremors, and coincided with a glacial flood at a nearby river – potentially caused by rising lava.
Roads have now been shut in the area surrounding the river and volcano amid fears of an imminent eruption of the country’s most powerful volcano."

New post up.I win.

Supposed to be 26 degrees in Sydney today, bull twang it’s 10:30 and hasn’t cracked 20 yet.

Fake weather news I reckon.



Here it is, the news we've been waiting for.

"It’s true: Drinking alcohol IMPROVES memory recall, study shows"

"Drinking moderately in a social setting may improve short-term memory, says a scientific team from the University of Exeter. The researchers wrote on Scientific Reports that the overarching assumption that any form of alcohol intake is detrimental to health may need to be reconsidered. While excessive drinking is discouraged all throughout, social drinking may actually facilitate learning to a certain degree."
Only two problems here, moderately and excessive. Just delete those two and it's sweet. Hopping on the ride on mower and it's up to the bottlo ...

Muslim silence betokens agreement!
Not a word from the bastards.

After listening to our esteemed leader this morning, I fell all warm and fuzzy and secure in the knowledge that he is looking after me 24/7 He sounds sooo intelligent and reassuring. I might vote for Malcom again.

Australia does not deserve, what passes for the Leadership we are experiencing in the current political environment.....We have no Trump to drag us from the Bermuda Triangle, of political smoke and mirrors where everything either sinks or disappears, Besides Taxes of Course. The same inept mob, that currently are formulating the direction that will eventually determine the future for our children, and hopefully grandchildren, if we are fortunate enough to have them...Our Australian children Deserve far better than life in an Islamic infected, Terror riddled UN run Country.....But that is just my humble opinion...

I've only just come in to this post but I am sure someone, or many, have corrected Mr. Pickering that there are 12 Senators per state and not 10... Credibility wanes when the most fundamental aspects of our parliament are not known...

A bit of gallows humour for a Sunday morning fellow PPers ……..

If we may compare all forms of societal control by the few of the many, using either a few or many, then the “treatment” is the same for viruses as they are for control systems;

These control systems range from the “he told me to tell you that you must do, for me, in his name, whatever I tell you to do, in return for future rewards, in a realm and form to be revealed …. just not now” to the “we are all equal and should interact with each other accordingly and without the need for a formal control structure, but until then here is a simple way the few can compel the many to enslave themselves”

Now as far as viruses are concerned, they have been created both by nature and man and then further enhanced, incubated and mutated by man.

The one thing that has NEVER happened with a virus is, once it exists, it cannot be eradicated, by man. Its symptoms and spread can best be suppressed and contained, but never, as yet permanently eradicated. Add to that the lunacy of man creating then storing and mutating viruses to achieve societal control and our collective insanity of self destruction is a never ending feedback loop.

Like any virus, an idea a thought a belief is immortal, it can lay dormant for millennia, discarded and forgotten, only to be rediscovered and reactivated amended and perverted to re-emerge in a much more virulent and destructive form.

Take from the above what you will, but suppression and containment of a virus is the only option until methods for its permanent eradication can be discovered at some point in the future … until then the virus rages infects and once infected consumes it’s host.

When we start working on the solution and not fixating on the know problem of a virus, than and only then can the eradication process begin.

Whineing Willey Shortonbrains has degenerated into just " pitiable ".

Trump barracked for the Russian in Rocky 1V...!!!.....(:-))

It is nearly time for the regular TV adverts from the Liberal party to remind the public of the thieving of union members entitlements by Bill Shorten for money paid into his union account. ( known to his mates as “sagging tits” ) It is an easy one “Do you trust this man with your hard earned money paid as tax.” when he is on record at the R.C. as screwing his union members for payment of money to his union account

.”Four women who worked as mushroom pickers have told the royal commission into union corruption they were kept in the dark about an employment deal Labor leader Bill Shorten oversaw that lowered wages in return for unusual payments of $4000 per month to the union he led at the time. -----SMH

The Liberals are not very good at going for the jugular, but this time they have a free gift from the RC, and they had better use it or they will be out on their ass.

Wettest July in 17 years here in Perth, We were supposed to be a drought affected abandoned ghost city by now, according to the climate change loonies. WTF??

Ferrari Owner Totals $288,000 Car an Hour After Purchasing It