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Sunday, 24th February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


This list has been sent to me by a number of readers… here is an edited version:

1. The Australian Financial Review is read by people who actually think they run the country.

2. The Canberra Times is read only by people who make a complete mess of running the country.

3. The Australian is read by people who think they should be running the country, and who are very good at cryptic crossword puzzles.

4. The Sydney Morning Herald is read by inner suburban green Marxist people who dream of running the country but don't really understand anything about it.

5. The Courier Mail is read by people who don’t want to know anything about the country but insist on staying in Queensland only so they can barrack for the Cane Toads.

6. The Age is read by mentally impaired green people who still barrack for Collingwood and have killed their parents so they can attend next year’s Victorian Orphans’ Picnic.

7. The Melbourne Herald Sun is read by people who have no idea who's running the country and don't really care as long as the odd bit of bum and tit is shown.

8. The Sydney Daily Telegraph is read by people who don't care who is running the country as long as it reports on inebriated people bonking other inebriated people they really shouldn’t be bonking.

9. The West Australian is read by people in prison who used to run the State and want those out on bail to continue the tradition.

10. The Hobart Mercury is read by people who live off the mainland and are desperate for the Aussie Rules scores and the comics.

11. Crikey is read by pot smoking jobless people who are homosexual, handicapped, or minority feminist atheists who are sexually fluid, and only like Conservative politicians who have lots of unwanted, borrowed money.

12. The Adelaide Advertiser is read under candlelight, by totally blind vegan people in braille, who have nothing better to do while trapped in a line at a supermarket, waiting for the electricity to come back on.

13. The Catholic Weekly is read only by the Pope when he has run out of toilet paper.

14. The Northern Territory Times is read by partially limbed people who recently escaped a crocodile attack, and have just caught a fish that needs wrapping in something!

15. The Guardian is read by mentally constipated people who spend a fortune on Kleenex trying to wipe their arses on it because it can only be read on their Iphones.


The Northern Daily Leader is read by people in two minutes!

Wow, a response from the man himself. Well done CS.

The Sun Herald is read by Lisa Wilkens to support her husband's inane self importance so she knows what to talk about on the next Weekend Project.

PP and Breitbart in all you need...................

The fact that the Courier Fail actually wants you to pay for their fake news shite in a joke in itself.

I think you and Tony should combine your respective observations. Both your observations are relevant to both rags.

Actually most newspapers are not read at all, by anyone....they are as much a thing of the past as bakelite phones and black and white tv.

....The Melbourne Herald Sun is read by people who can't read ......

Sounds and looks like BK. Yaaawwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Playboy is actually read. I have never met anyone who bought it for the pictures.

She married her girlfriend but was widowed in recent years.

I have not bought a newspaper in 15 years. All mastheads should start with "Once upon a time" full of fairy tales.

so with no proof you have just decided that this was written by a PPer. It couldnt have come from somewhere else and just passed on could it? or wouldnt that fit in with the desired agenda?

BK reads Crikey

who reads the pickering post?

And who watches what on TV?

Well, Larry, to answer your intriguing question above as to "who reads what" . . . it seems that PP poster "blount" may read hands. When he reads tigerpalm's hands, he gets very jealous seeing the jism thereon. Blount is not sure whether it is of his own doing or tigerpalm's need for self gratification or whether it may have been derived from one of his other cloned avatars . . . I am sure that blount finds this situation very confusing . . .

The Age is for the intellectual elite like elderly school masters and people from Toorak who still travel by tram. It was useful for wrapping up fish and chips until they changed the shape of it.

The Age read by Collingwood supporters? Come on Larry you must be having a lend of us.

Never encountered anybody who buys or reads The Guardian and have never seen it at my newsagent yet every Sunday on "Our" ABC you get these Leftie programmes headed by Barry Whatshisname with a panel that always includes some dill from The Guardian.
Who funds this rag ?