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Monday, 19th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Shorten is a captive of the Catholic Right faction in Sussex Street where Dastyari rigged the voting to get Shorten the nod as Leader.

An internal ALP Tribunal discovered the mailing addresses for 50 ballot papers in the 2013 leadership ballot between Shorten and Albanese were altered by Dastyari’s NSW Labor Head Office in Sussex Street.

The Tribunal said this was done at the request of Michael Buckland, then a senior staff member of Dastyari’s Office who was also a key member of the NSW Labor right faction that supported Shorten.

Twenty of the ballot papers were diverted to the mailing addresses of Hicham Zraika, former Auburn Mayor (above with Chis Bowen) and now an Auburn councillor who the Tribunal found had engaged in "unworthy conduct" during preselection for the State seat of Auburn in 2012.

                                                  Keeping his powder dry

There still remains concern about the integrity of the federal leadership ballot in which Shorten apparently beat rival Anthony Albanese, of the Left faction.

Best to ask Sussex Street guru, Graham Richardson, about what exactly happened.

Dastyari, dismissed questions about the involvement of his Office in the matter. 

But Dastyari’s response is not believable in that Buckland was a trusted colleague and the crook, Zraika would have had to have been instructed from the top for such a dishonest act in electing the wrong Party Leader.

Asked on ABC radio if he had instructed Mr Buckland to alter mailing addresses on the ballots he replied: "Not at all."

"Frankly, it had nothing to do with me," Dastyari a proven and well-practised liar, said. "I wasn't aware of it."

When it was suggested to him that having blank ballot papers diverted to a single mailing address could only have been, "to harvest votes", Dastyari said, "It's only an allegation. I have seen no information that there's any truth to it at all."

Dastyari concluded the interview by saying it was, "all a bit of a storm in a teacup". Hmmmm.

If Shorten does the right thing and sacks the little Iranian rat today he will never get the keys to The Lodge he has for so long yearned. Dastyari will have nothing to lose by opening up the diverted ballots story and telling the truth that will sink Shorten along with him.

Prepare for fun and games this morning, another suspension will not cut it,

… apparently it wasn’t just me who thought this was a big story!


Larry, you call it an Iranian rat. that mean kevni was correct to call the Chinese rat fuckers?

OT, but still on the subject of really dodgy politicians, the WA Labour party endorsed a candidate who eventually won the contested seat and LIED outrageously ,not once , but several times. he pulls $200,000 and if WA Labour doesn't kick him out, he's there for another three years. But I'm not so concerned ( and certainly not the least bit surprised) that he is a liar, but that the Labour party informed us that the man "has a very severe mental situation" For Crissake, what were they thinking to allow such a 'candidate' to represent that constituency and get to vote on policies that effect the whole WA public?

I love being a racist. I can have my views without feeling guilty!! LOL.. Woohoo. Basic genetics that most fools can not understand....

Observation 2.
Milk is 1/2 the price of Water.
2 questions arise.
a. Why is milk, having to be refrigerated, 'grown' cheaper. ie farmers getting it up the bum.
b. Water is twice the price of Milk. 1/2 the production cost of milk. Consumers getting it up the bum.
Notice, that it is the middle man who cleans up all the time...!
Note, also the sexual harassment.

Observation 1.
Women seem to be making the most "Sexual Harassment Complaints".
Therefore, do not employ women. ( well for a bit of the other, but not for work, and some of the other.)

Bank Royal Commission Claytons inquiry fears -
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory commented
Banks order the Member for Goldman Sachs, Mal Turnbull to knock up an inquiry for which they will provide the terms of reference 30 November 2017: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today applauded the Turnbull Government’s endorsement of a Royal Commission into the banks, but warns that whilst this battle is won, the war … Continue reading Banks instruct Turnbull to have a ‘Claytons’ inquiry
Treasurer’s Scott Morrison’s today 30.11.2017 appears he may have announced “A Claytons Style” of a Banking Royal COMMISSION INQUIRY.
What most people may not know or realise is that for some month’s now the Banks main retained law firm KING & WOOD MALLESONS with common directorships of directors and people in staked and rigged regulative authorities have physically had their own internal law firm office set up within the “Treasurers Office” and another in the “Treasury”.
Now does any realist really think that just over night there magically has appeared a Royal Commission of Inquiry “Terms of Reference”, that was not pre-prepared by premeditated deceit over the last few months to get an out come the Turnbull Cabinet Members want?
I suspect it may be found that all was most likely premeditated and pre-designed to achieve ultimately a finding to the effect that the Main Banks have no really serious cases to answer.
Thereby KWM formerly Mallesons Stephen Jacques are still SHADOW DIRECTING the Commonwealth Government and the Prime Minister. The head of Malcolm Turnbull’s failed Republican Movement in Melbourne in 1999 was a MSJ Partner STEPHEN JOHN MEAD.
I have found there is AN ELEMENT OF SCANDAL where ever KWM partners are involved as has been my personal experiences for the last twenty four (24) years. MSJ-KWM to me are proven experts in getting special judicial favours in exchange for retainer bribes paid to State of Queensland dual income officer who was a QC now a High Court Judge to do so and to also get retainer bribes paid to protect directors of Banks from getting indicted in 2004 via other dual hat competing dual income directorships.
Let’s get these outlined facts before the ROYAL COMMISSIONER to test their so called independent honesty & integrity. If any “Terms of Reference” are broad enough to do so or to get past their chosen “Gate Keeps” who minders opinions do usually conflict with the peoples.

If there is a god let him please smite those two arseholes.

Australians should rise up in arms and terminate the lives of all Liberal, Labor, green politicians as well as all third world immigrants

Australia is a small country and it's relative isolation allows it to be easily led with promises of cash or benefits. We vote in fools and traitors with gay abandon, while embracing poofters, freaks and pedos and soon to be taken over by.... the CFMEU/Union/Labor crime syndicate. Merry Christmas!

Trumble will support his red mate all the way to the next election

Dastyari appears to be telling the truth that he was never 'briefed' by Security Services about the phone surveillance, but what he did say was that Shorten who had been briefed had warned him Dastyari about this surveillance. But this is only another in a long line of security breaches by labor leaders - in both opposition and government.

Do not expect this affair to go anywhere at all. These Labor types stick together no matter how much they hate each other and no matter how much they know about how crooked and corrupt their internal opponents are. Labor is a tribe the like of which it would be hard to find in 19th century Africa - factions the tribe may have but when the totality is under threat the whole thing closes ranks and defends whatever it is to be defended, no matter how rotten that thing may be. If you think about the history of the ALP you can only wonder how the stinking edifice has stood for so long.

If Dastyari can control votes for the Leadership by diversion tactics I believe the latest so-called same-sex marriage survey has had the same trick implemented. It is so easy when the vote was NOT compulsory and NO names etc. included. I know of at least two close relatives who did NOT receive the forms in the mail although they were listed on the electoral roll. I wonder how many others there were who did NOT receive the forms and where they went. Too late now it will be rushed through to keep another minority group happy and take the awareness of what is actually happening to all world Democratic countries freedoms & rights as well as religious freedoms. Being tricked into voting for a UN Pawn, by a dirty hate campaign initiated and controlled by outside influences, unions and media.

I'm sick of smirks on the Liberal/Labor/Greens/ union Marxist affiliated faces, playing united UN roles to fool the stupid voters who put them there. As for Dastyari he just proves his contempt for the Australian voters and does not fear the press printing the facts of $$s he made selling our security info to other countries, while taxpayers pay him $1m per year. Shorten is too aware of what Dastyari knows to sack him but sacks genuine Aussie members out of the Senate. Admitting they checked their own member's citizenship first, telling one to hurry up &give up her British Citizenship before the elections, she was "hesitating in case she didn't win" (her words). Accused rapist, fraud of members fees & a proven cheat to win Leadership, will still get the dumb "loyal" voters Leadership vote

What is there about "Labor (still can't spell their name) Right" and "Liberal Left" that is so similar??

Widespread corruption alters Qld election result. Welfare vote could keep ALP in power
by staff writers
Election candidates, booth workers and scrutineers have again reported widespread corruption similar to that reported at the 2012 and 2015 state elections run by the dodgy Electoral Commission of Queensland.
Booth workers across the state claim the Labor Party and Unions have infiltrated to ECQ to such an extent there is no possibility of this government department carrying out a state election to deliver a clean result.
In the Far North an onslaught against conservative political parties began in earnest at least eight weeks ago.
Many hundreds of election signs erected by party supporters were reported damaged or stolen from roadsides and private property. At an estimated cost of $8 for a corflute sign and $3 for a wooden stake, the financial loss to candidates was crippling.
Candidates have blamed the ALP and the crocodile lovers for the sign thefts. Cairns News hopes the croc shaggers and the militant Labor trench-coaters are soon devoured by the explosion of dangerous crocs infesting human habitats.
One Nation and Katters Australian Party were hard hit by sign thieves who struck in the middle of the night.
Booth workers across Cape York Peninsula reported ALP posters being left in polling booths at indigenous communities, ALP-aligned scrutineers accompanying indigenous voters into booths and actually filling out their ballot papers, with a lead pencil, naturally.
A Kowanyama booth worker reported Labor supporters telling indigenous voters on their way to the booth to vote only for the Labor candidate or they would lose their pensions and dole (sit down money).
Below is an example of serious electoral misbehaviour that so far has been ignored by the QEC. Meanwhile we are advised the counting continues at the Cook electoral office where Labor candidate Cynthia Lui has a slim lead over One Nation candidate Jen Sackley and KAP candidate Gordon Rasmussen. This is occurring in spite of the questionable Bamaga ballot box being included in the count.
Read on -

Shorten is aiding and abetting Dastyari by not sacking him and therefore is complicit in the treachery committed by Dastyari. This germ should be removed immediately.

New American Economy is worth a look at seeing it has our very own Rupert Murdoch and his wealthy pal Michel Bloomfield heading up an operation that wants cheap labour allowed into the USA so I'm wondering if Rupert has any connection with the invasion of Europe by half of Africa and the Arab lands to provide cheap labour for Soros's open borders for when their new world order thingy get's the started ?

Halal Mal has taken the heat off the PISSANT QUISLING Dastyari and Shorten.

Halal Mal has taken the heat off by calling a Royal Commision into the Banking Industry. He must have received a "HELP" call from the short one Mr. Bean..... Hey Mal, i am not feeling the love anymore.