It was a warm Sunday morning in Fitzroy in late 1992.

Bill Shorten and his lover Nicola Roxon had struggled out of bed late and were heading up Brunswick Street for breakfast when Bill noticed a couple they knew having coffee opposite.

They waved, crossed the road, and sat down with Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson. The conversation concerned no more than the weather but Julia was overtly gesticulating with her left hand. It bore a sizable stone in a white gold ring. "You guys are engaged!" exclaimed Bill. Julia blushed. Nicola looked askance at Bruce.

Julia was excited, in love, and it showed. But Nicola was aware that Bruce was bedding a number of other women, and it showed too, as she lowered her head and glared at Wilson. Wilson was known in AWU circles as "Wilson the Rooter".

To understand Julia Gillard we must first visit her history.

It was impeccably Left. During her time at the University of Melbourne from 1982 to 1991 she was an active member of, and helped incorporate, the "Socialist Forum" (later to become the Fabian Society) an unabashed Communist organisation backed by none other than the infamous Bill Hartley and well-known Communist activists, Mark and Bernie Taft.

The "Forum’s" main role was to apply pressure within the ALP to adopt radical Communist policies.

Gillard’s commitment to the cause had led her to convince her parents, who were avid Dustan supporters, to join the South Australian Communist Party.

Gillard claims she does not recall her advocacy for redistribution of income and many other Communist aims although she was Public Officer, Secretary, and legal adviser on the drafting of the "Socialist Forum’s" Constitution.

Her compatriot, Phil Hind, regularly visited the former Soviet Union and returned to zealously promote the radical "reforms" of the Kremlin.

Gillard openly experimented sexually with other women but her main calling was to men.

She left The University of Melbourne to join the Left wing Law firm Slater & Gordon. A firm she was later to be sacked from for "indiscretions".

Bruce Wilson was a well-practised AWU thug who extorted major developers. AWU members’ dues also found their way to his own private piggy bank.

Wilson now needed Gillard. She was the perfect target and he had carefully cultivated her for reasons other than his regular hormonal flushes.

The $17,000 of union funds he had spent at Town Mode Fashions wasn’t solely for the benefit of Gillard.

Wilson needed an industrial lawyer who would turn a blind eye and feign innocence when setting up fraudulent AWU accounts.

He also needed a fall guy called Ralph Blewitt. Gillard was later to draw up a Power of Attorney so as Wilson could act for Blewitt. Blewitt trusted him. He should not have.

Ralph Blewitt sent me this only this morning:

G’day Larry.
So we must fly a rebel flag,
As others did before us,
And we must sing a rebel song
And join in rebel chorus.

We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting
O’ those that they would throttle;
They needn’t say the fault is ours
If blood should stain the wattle!”

Henry Lawson.

Regards Ralph.

Gillard’s current claims of "young and naive" do not apply to her complicity in widespread fraud. Those claims apply solely to Wilson’s false declarations of love for her.

As partner in the law firm it would be stupid as Prime Minister to suggest she was "young and naive" when she was clearly instrumental in the blatant fraud. She has not denied her complicity but claims she didn’t know what it was for. Mmmm, ok.

But Julia should not feel lonely. Wilson defecated on everyone he met.

Slater & Gordon aided and abetted the fraud. The AWU sacked the law firm and turned to the other infamous Left wing Law firm, Maurice Blackburn, where Bill Shorten and Nicola Roxon were resident.

It is Slater & Gordon’s ex- and current employees who are now daily leaking devastating information on the activities of this listed law firm. The ASX and ASIC will no doubt be taking an interest.

In Part IV, the AWU divides into two camps: Kernohan and Cambridge want the fraud exposed. Shorten wants it covered up. Shorten wins, for now. And we find out where Paul Howes sits and if his "zero tolerance for union corruption" is mere bluster in the pursuit of self preservation. Regardless, with what is about to be exposed, Gillard’s tenure can now be measured in weeks.

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There is a law of England inherited here and still in force that in the title is self explanatory, “Sheriffs and Lawyers are Excluded from Parlyment” 1368. Also keep in mind Luke 11 verses 46-52 and one then see the history of the darkest profession in any land as their allegiance is foremost with the Temple Bar which is located is an independent country called the “City of London”.