Peeling back the putrid layers

Julia Gillard employs no fewer than 1,600 media advisers (spin doctors). The cost? $150,000,000 pa. There are more, but Ministers like Albanese won’t disclose details.

It appears much more of our taxes needs to be spent on spin doctors if our chief spinster Gillard’s involvement in massive union corruption is to remain undetected.

I would like to take you on a little trip to the WA Goldfields… to Kalgoorlie’s twin city, Boulder.

WA newspaper archives show Bruce Wilson travelled to Boulder/Kalgoorlie in 1992 to attempt to allay union members' concerns about his decision to transfer the management of large sums of union members’ money to a new AWU account in Northbridge, Perth.

The money resided at the time in a separate account called, "The Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund". This money, donated from union members themselves, was to financially assist bereaved families of deceased union members.

Wilson wanted management of the account shifted to the AWU's head office in Perth. Wilson was the then WA boss of the AWU. He and Ralph Blewitt were to be sole signatories on the account and union members were justifiably apprehensive.

They were wary of Wilson's alleged fraudulent activities and demanded a meeting. It was set down for 8pm in the Boulder Town Hall.

Wilson knew he would never convince members of the legitimacy of the proposed move himself. So he introduced to the stage a person of high legal authority to assure union members there was no need for concern.

The person he introduced was Julia Gillard. Members were unaware Gillard was his lover. She was presented as an important Industrial Lawyer from Victoria and an official representative of the Labor stalwart law firm, Slater & Gordon.

Gillard addressed union members at length explaining why the money should be moved and that there was nothing to worry about. She insisted the members were in the good hands of Slater & Gordon and their best interests would at all times be protected.

Gillard must have done an excellent job because the account containing approximately $1 million was shifted to a private Northbridge, Perth account. The address for all correspondence was nominated as Northbridge Post Office, Box 253.

Three years later, police were asked by incoming AWU State Secretary, Tim Daly, to investigate one amount of $145,000 withdrawn from "The Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund" to buy two holiday units in Kalbarri.

[I should say at this point that Ralph Blewitt never questioned what Wilson wanted. He simply signed whatever he was asked to. He was to sign fraudulent documents Gillard had drawn up for Wilson in the name of Workplace Reform Association Inc. Blewitt was also totally unaware of a mortgage, arranged in his name by Slater & Gordon, over another house Wilson bought from stolen AWU funds in Kerr Street, Fitzroy. Wilson, according to police files, used a stamp of Blewitt’s signature whenever he needed it.]

Despite the WA Major Fraud Squad's Detective David McAlpine’s keenness to lay charges, it didn't happen. The Kalbarri holiday units, were subsequently sold. Again the laundered money vanished. It was only the tip of a very large iceberg.

Wilson was also negotiating a "Workplace Reform Agreement" with Thiess at their Dawesville (Mandurah) site. He had invoiced Thiess himself for 220 hours worked per month, every month, at a rate of $36.00 per hour. But did not on any occasion even visit the site.

Thiess raised cheques on each of Wilson's invoices. Each cheque was deposited in, and promptly withdrawn from, the sham Northbridge account. This is commonly known as a "secret commission". It is highly illegal.

Thiess didn't seem to care that Wilson was never seen.

Although the WA Police wanted Blewitt and Wilson charged they could not convince Thiess to co-operate.

From FOI material we have recently received from the WA Major Fraud Squad, it is clear that Thiess WA was reluctant to press charges of any kind. Thiess insisted they believed they were paying a branch of the AWU. Their reluctance to press charges may have been due to not wanting to rock the AWU boat, acquiescence in the deal or the interesting relationship between Wilson and Thiess' CEO, Joe Trio; Trio is Wilson's brother-in-law.

Another seven cheques totalling $112,000 found their way into the Northbridge, Perth account curiously from Melbourne Water, a Statutory Vic. Government Authority.

Now, you might ask, why the hell would a Victorian Government QUANGO be paying a Perth-based union for any damn thing?

The connection is this: Gillard was, and still is, a very close friend of a Robyn Mcleod. McCleod was Gillard's house-mate and she bought half of Gillard's Abbottsford property.

Remember, Wilson was joint boss of WA and Vic AWU for this period and was drawing two wages

And guess who Wilson engaged to negotiate the Melbourne Water contract?

Yep, the $300,000 pa, SA Rann Govt Water Commissioner, Robyn Mcleod. The plot thickens by the minute and we nut-jobs are supposed to stop asking questions?

The question that must be asked, and will soon be answered, is how could Gillard have been Wilson's lover for over four years and not know what was going on? He carried a wad of notes that would choke a horse and was purchasing multiple properties for cash with extorted funds.

Gillard admits she was involved and indeed complicit in the fraud, but now claims she didn’t know what Wilson's intentions were. Mmmm, didn’t know? Really? Convincing workers in Boulder to part with their hard-earned funeral savings to buy holiday units and she didn’t know? Where did she think the mouth of this river of money's source was?

To say she didn't know beggars belief. Either she is a simpleton (which she is not) or she is treating us as simpletons. The latest photo depicts her as definitely not blonde and she was an industrial lawyer and partner in the most notorious law firm in the land. She didn’t know what she, or he, was doing?

When Gillard acrimoniously broke-up with Wilson, she was more familiar with his scams than poor Blewitt. So, why didn't she go to the police? After all, they were champing on the bit waiting to charge him. All they needed was some corroborative evidence. Could it be that she and others would be found guilty of aiding and abetting?

So, why are police never successful in prosecuting union fraud cases? Simply because union bosses and developers refuse to cooperate. They will neither supply nor give evidence to enable a successful prosecution for fear of retribution or incrimination.

The glacial HSU East branch investigation by the union-dominated FWA is testimony to the futility of expecting delinquent crooks to investigate delinquent crooks.

FWA Commissioner Ian Cambridge, when an AWU Boss, called for a Royal Commission into his union! He has since been silenced by Gillard appointing him as a commissioner to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (now FWA) . Now he can’t discuss the matter.

We 'nut-job, sexist misogynists' are really not supposed to ask these questions? Not one has been answered.

As I have said repeatedly, Abbott refuses to be involved. I can't blame him. But the only Honourable Member left in the Labor Party, Former Attorney General Rob McClelland, will not rest until these matters are resolved. Gillard sacked him.

Criminal elements, like small fish Craig Thomson, (who had Gillard’s “full confidence” until the bitter end) are deeply embedded in the ALP. They are protected by the ALP and their court costs are covered by the ALP via the unions. HSU’s Williamson has ripped $20 million from lowly paid workers.

The money these mobsters embezzle from innocent workers is tax exempt. It’s like taking prize candy from a kid and there are no penalties when caught.

It is the Labor system, it is the culture and it has become enmeshed in the sophisticated involvement of Left wing Law Firms like Slater & Gordon and Maurice Blackburn who have made an art form of ripping off needy claimants.

Abbott refrains from demanding an immediate Royal Commission because Gillard and her Union mobsters must never be allowed to set narrow terms of reference. My information is that Abbott will move on the unions as soon as he gains Office. His will be a Royal Commission with the widest possible terms of reference.

The main protector from union prosecution is Bill Shorten, another product of a Left wing law firm. He has successfully shut down the HSU investigation by sequestrating the union and is currently busy trying to bury the AWU/Gillard/Wilson investigation.

Isolated cases eh? Try keeping a lid on this one, Billy boy… we have much more on you.

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The only reason Jason Clare and the other Labour Tart .. Accused all Australian Sports people of Cheating / Drug taking & and Colluding with Criminals [To the entire world.] in Feb 2013. Was to create a Media storm to deflect the terrible press Gillard was receiving at the time. This gave the Red Headed Bitc# time to take the focus of her and her dreadful mismanagement.


It is quite a long link.,
if you need to go to page 28 where she starts to, well you read it……


Not long now


As I expose on my blog about all politicians, including the Senator-elects seems to be rorting and defrauding the system. It is like the pot calling the kettle black.


Thank you for some much needed exposure of these personal links that the average australian knows nothing about. The corruption at the highest level of the union movement soils the integrity of every hard working Aussie across the nation. Not to mention the true believers of the union movement who care for each and every member on a daily basis. Royal commissions are to serve the people of the nation without bias or influence and this is what’s being denied to the entire nation. Thanks again for not allowing these events to be permanently swept under the carpet in Canberra.… Read more »


Ahhh, huh!
There ya go, now you see..I came back here to `compare` the posts time wise 6 mths ago to now…
and as you see they are gone.
From memory there were at least 30 differing posters.
Why so ?
Need one ask?
Interesting comparison and yep..additional confirmation.