It appears he is determined to continue to destabilise Gillard. Yesterday he claimed the next election was winnable. Every man and his dog knows Gillard cannot win the next election so, what he was really saying is: "If I am reinstated, the next election is winnable."

The Prime Minister’s recent farcical Press conference, without notice, was a deliberate attempt to avoid any serious interrogation over her past criminality. Her minders are convinced it was the master stroke that buried the story.

They are very wrong! And I detected a wry smile on Kevin's face.

Gillard knew exactly what she was doing in the 90s. She knew she was aiding and abetting a serial criminal, Bruce Wilson, to continue to commit massive fraud on ordinary working-class people over years.

Kev's worst crime is a parking ticket.

Gillard's passion for Wilson superseded any idealistic passion she once held for the working-class.

After studying in depth the facts of the scandal (and there is more evidence to come) it would take the love of a mother to deny Gillard’s criminal intent.

Guffaws echoed around Australia at her claim of “young and naive”. Her admitted actions alone prove complicity in the crimes. Rob McClelland knows this, Blewitt knows this and Kevin Rudd knows this. Actually more than half the Government and all of the AWU knows this.

Allow a “misogynistic, sexist nutjob” to place the evidence to date on the table. No more questions Gillard simply refuses to answer, just allegations she will find difficult to deny.

1. Gillard frantically tried to kill the story with unprecedented threats to the media to expose phone-hacking.
[Why go to that extent if she maintains she is innocent?]

2. People in the media lost their jobs for attempting to expose the scandal.
[Those people have not been reinstated, their careers are shattered.]

3. The AWU’s Ian Cambridge called for a Royal Commission into the scandal. He was silenced with a promotion to Commissioner of FWA.
[Cambridge now says he stands by his damning affidavit but is unable to comment.]

4. Complicit in the crime, lawyer Bernard Murphy, was “paid off” from Slater & Gordon.
[He has subsequently been appointed by Gillard to the bench of the Federal Court.]

5. Gillard was sacked, at roughly the same time as Murphy, from Slater & Gordon.
[She maintains she left of her own accord. That is a lie.]

6. Bob Kernohan, ex AWU boss, exposed the Gillard/Wilson scandal in affidavit form. He was told to back off. He didn’t and was bashed senseless by four thugs, had bullets posted to him and is still receiving death threats over the phone.
[Bob Kernohan remains in hiding and under treatment for stress related disorders. He will still not resile from his claims.]

7. Those privy to Gillard’s complicity have been either sacked, threatened, promoted or bashed.
[Rob McClelland, who co-authored the explosive Cambridge affidavit, was banished by Gillard to the back bench.]

8. As soon as the scam was discovered, Slater & Gordon called Gillard in to conduct an internal inquiry. She was asked to explain, on tape. Her friends in the firm’s explanation of what is on that tape differ vastly from Attorney Styant-Browne’s actual transcript in his possession.
[Slater & Gordon now demands Nick Styant-Browne disclose nothing further and immediately return the evidence in his possession.]

9. Peter Gordon, who claims to have sacked Gillard, said at the time they were “extremely unhappy” with Ms Gillard and were “considering her termination”. Slater & Gordon’s current Manager, Andrew Grech, said Ms Gillard had "co-operated fully with the internal review and denied any wrongdoing" and the review had "found nothing which contradicted the information provided by Ms Gillard at the time".
[One of those two people is lying.]

10. Styant-Browne conflicted with S & G Manager, Grech: “The firm's statement issued on Monday about the inquiry in 1995, a subsequent leave of absence and her resignation in 1996 was stunningly incomplete". He said, "How does Slater & Gordon reconcile its own statement with this account?" He said, “I did not contemplate the extent to which it (Slater & Gordon’s statement) would seek to protect the prime minister."
Peter Gordon has since backtracked saying he finds nothing inconsistent.

[It’s a pity Slater & Gordon weren’t aware of Styant-Browne’s evidence before they made outrageously false statements protective of Gillard.]

11. Gillard intentionally hid her actions from Slater & Gordon by not opening a file. If she had opened a file, the illegality would certainly have been discovered.
[Also, if she had charged for her “advice”, as would be normal, it would also have been discovered.]

12. Gillard vigorously defended Craig Thomson's rorting of the HSU. She has not commented on Williamson's imminent detection of defrauding $20 million from the same union.
[Gillard, along with Shorten, blithely claims these are isolated incidents and says, "Not one dollar must be illegally taken from union funds". I nearly choked on my Weet Bix when she sid that.]

13. In Boulder WA with Wilson, and as a representative of Slater & Gordon, Gillard personally advised union members to shift their $1million in an account called, "The Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund" to a dodgy Perth account of Wilson’s.
[The money gradually disappeared over three years in cash and the purchase of holiday units.]

14. The Kerr Street house, that Gillard went to buy with Wilson, was purchased in Blewitt’s name with a cheque originally paid to Slater & Gordon's Trust Account. The cheque was from the secret illegal account that Gillard admits she assisted to set up via documentation and “advice”.
[According to numerous reports, Gillard lived in the Kerr Street house with Wilson while her own house was being renovated. This appears to be correct as Gillard had not monitored her renovations. She complained bitterly of the work when she finally saw it.]

15. Gillard drew up a ‘power of attorney’ for Wilson to act for Blewitt, who was then in Perth. Slater & Gordon supplied a $150,000 mortgage on the house.
[Blewitt says he was not informed of any mortgage taken out on "his" house.]

16. While Gillard was living in the Kerr Street house with Wilson, she paid for instalments on her renovations with at least two bank cheques that we know of. Bank cheques are a very unusual way to pay a tradesman, unless you wish to disguise the source of the funds. Gillard says she has receipts for the work done.
[Receipts for bank cheques? What point is that? Gillard claimed she had paid for the renovations herself. She now claims she can’t be certain she paid for the renovations herself.]

17. A payment was also made from this account of $17,000, in two tranches, to Town Mode Fashion house.
[The Greek renovators, Kew Renovations, also owned Town Mode.]

18. The people who primarily arranged Kevin Rudd’s assassination and shoe-horned Gillard into the Prime Ministership, are unionists, Paul (Piggy) Howes, Bill Shorten and “Big Bill” Ludwig. All held, or still hold, top positions in the AWU. All refuse to supply files that could show Gillard’s complicity or otherwise in the scandal. They refuse to chase the stolen funds.
[Slater & Gordon also refuse to supply files, claiming privilege.]

19. Gillard has demonised all who attempt to expose this scandal. It would be a simple matter for Gillard to deny these facts in one interview. She resolutely refuses.
[A refusal is understandable as her responses to date are side-steps and thoroughly inexplicable.]

20. If Gillard maintains she has "done nothing wrong" why does she continue to do everything in her power to have the story spiked?
[There is only one answer to that: She HAS done plenty wrong and for her to survive it needs to be buried.]

The information we receive is not, as Gillard maintains, coming from the Coalition. We have never spoken to, or received any information from, that source. The information is coming from past and current employees and clients of Slater & Gordon, ex-AWU officials, ALP backbenchers, second hand material originally from Kevin Rudd’s office and a legal source in Sydney.

Now, even a mere “misogynistic, sexist nutjob” like me seems to think there is already sufficient evidence to show this Prime Minister has no business being there.

Circumstantial you say? Well, I’m sorry we don’t have colour photographs of the crime.

But people have been convicted of first degree murder on circumstantial evidence alone… and I don't mean the murder of that pesky Kevin Rudd.

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post script thank you for coming out of retirement


lets see, i said to my mates no australian parliament will allow a previous prime minister to become a criminal in the history of law, it is not wise if so all criminals will be allowed to walk here this is a free land for good people not criminals we know the truth however sometimes it is not wise to publish the truth