A common explanation is that a bloke over 30 and still single is either a serial mummy's boy, he is gay or a social misfit… all 'no-go' areas for the nubile, hot-blooded woman. But surely there must be more to it than that!

Now, I could be wrong but it appears single women dating married men is much more prevalent an occurrence than single men dating married women. Only an observation but deserving of further scrutiny.

According to a study conducted by the University of Louisville, many single women tend to engage in something the study referred to as "mate copying." In other words, women tend to believe that if another woman has already collared a man, there must be something this man possesses that is worth having.

Maybe it's because these women love a challenge, a drama, no strings, or simply the thrill of "theft". Whatever the case, many women have revealed that sex with married men is awesome. Why?

The study referred to Angela, 28, who enjoys a high-position in a big corporation and had an affair with a married man who worked in her office. Angela told the study, "The sex was an incredible thrill because we had to be careful all the time. I would end up holding on to a cabinet in the office supplies room while he penetrated me with quick thrusts during lunchtime, it would excite me like no other sex I've ever had."

She admits it was tons of fun, until the "relationship" started moving from lust to emotion. "I began behaving like a possessive child and that's when I knew it was time to let go."

"But", Angela continued, "I knew many single women who not only enjoyed lusty relationships with married men, they would take risks that I thought were simply immoral, like having sex in the married couple's bed."

Maybe the "no strings" thing is attractive to women. Pure lust requires no need to meet parents or conduct boring courting procedures. Tearing at each others' underclothes in a frenzied sweat against a filing cabinet before returning to work sporting a crimson glow has fulfilled many a female fantasy.

But Julia Gillard's predilection for married men presents an interesting psychological quandary. Women with a strong competitive streak can also be addicted to married men.

Such women may be willing to take married men as lovers if only to prove that they are superior to the wife when it comes to sexual and/or intellectual prowess. That shouldn't be too hard, as torrid lust within marriage normally wanes with familiarity.

This single female phenomenon may have little to do with the desirability of the man but the fact that she has convinced him to cheat on his wife in order to be with her represents a huge power trip.

A woman who consistently lusts after other women's "unattainable" husbands is not looking for a commitment of love. The predatory single female generally prefers a man who is rich, powerful, successful or famous and with a flexible itinerary. Success will fulfil a need to augment her worth. It is confirmation that she is preferred over the woman he has at home anxiously checking the clock.

Then there is the kinky pleasure of being in the presence of the married man's wife. The smug "if-only-you-knew" factor is a form of covert power over another oblivious female.

So, what common thread in her relationships indicates Julia Gillard's motivation? We are not supposed to ask that sort of thing you say! Why the hell not? If we had a single male Prime Minister who consistently had covert affairs with married women it would surely justify media interest. If you don't think it's a fair question then you don't believe in sexual equality… particularly concerning the sexuality of those with political power over us.

Gillard is so obviously a very sexual woman. Her patent, overt flirting with Barack Obama is testimony to that. She displays that come-to-bed look with aplomb and her list of affairs with married men with children is long and worthy of note:

Bruce Wilson, apparently happily married with children. He was a fraudulent crook and a union strongman with loads of cash at the ready. The exciting world of union corruption was an attraction for Gillard. (A relationship of over 4 years.)

Michael O'Connor, ruggedly good-looking and an unabashed communist was at the time a militant powerbroker of the CFMEU. He is now CFMEU Boss. Apparently happily married with children. Union power and mob-style thuggery was again an attraction for Gillard. (A relationship of over 6 years but overlapped other relationships.)

Peter Gordon, of Slater & Gordon, Married with children and Senior Partner. Gillard's rather brief stint with Gordon was a result of his Presidency of the Western Bulldogs AFL Club. Gordon and Gillard regularly spent time together at the Club and Gillard has supported the Bulldogs ever since, both emotionally and with taxpayer funds as Prime Minister.

Craig Emerson, current Trade Minister. Happily married with 3 children. His rise to power through ANU academia and his assertive manner was also an attraction for Gillard. Emerson and his wife divorced after this relationship became public. Emerson's main claim to fame was that he drank Gillard's contact lenses she inadvertently left in a glass of water in the bathroom.

Tim Mathieson breaks the mould of Gillard's affairs. He is divorced with children and has another daughter out of wedlock. Gillard began this relationship just prior to Rudd's election. Mathieson, a drink-driving yobbo, has left a long trail of debt wherever he goes.

Gillard's Prime Ministerial ambitions were being hatched with the help of Bill Shorten and Bill Ludwig, both powerbrokers in the AWU, long before Rudd's election.

Mathieson's role as a partner for Gillard as Prime Minster is apt. His dimwittedness ensures he could never be in competition with, or a threat to, Gillard's lofty ambitions. And for God's sake, we could never have a single female Prime Minister living alone in The Lodge, could we?

None of her previous partners could have successfully moved into The Lodge with her.

So, leaving the hapless Mathieson out of the thread, there is a commonality in Gillard's affairs:
All men were older.
All were married.
All had children.
All wielded power.
All had dodgy union connections and lots of available cash (albeit mostly belonging to other people) and,
All were beguiled by Gillard's sexuality.

Yet strangely, all these affairs ended amicably. Even now, Gillard and her ex-men hold not a shred of bitterness for each other. Craig Emerson and even Bruce Wilson and Peter Gordon rush to defend her. What does this mean? It simply means they were not affairs of the heart. True emotional love mostly ends in prolonged hurt and acrimony. These affairs did not.

Gillard has been attracted to the intoxicating excitement of lustful power, union corruption, rivers of illicit money and an ego driven, covert competition with married men's wives. She has never felt the need to hide her sexual targeting of any man. Wilson's wife simply learnt to live with his infidelity. Emerson's wife couldn't. O'Connor's wife was furious but got over it.

And why were these men attracted to Gillard? Well, I'm a little uncomfortable saying this, but she definitely exudes a bewitching sensuality.

A sensuality even Barack Obama finds difficult to ignore.

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