Restive Naurun Members of Parliament have secretly been given all expenses paid Australian holidays in order to allay their stated fears of coping with thousands of asylum seekers.

Nauru, the World’s smallest republic, has endured a 95% unemployment rate since total depletion of its phosphate (bird shit) reserves. Of the 5% who are gainfully employed, 90% work for the Government.

Penny Wong’s claim of, “We don’t know where the money goes” could partly be explained in future by the Island’s Parliament of 18 Members who are about to make Australian taxpayers Nauru’s sole form of income.

Nauru’s “Future Fund” has over the years been decimated by bad investments that have left it basically broke.

An employee of Fraser Island Safari Tours (who did not wish to be named) has told The Pickering Post that 13 men and 7 children have arrived on the sand Island. The men, some of whom have never previously left Nauru, have no problem proudly admitting, “We are here courtesy of the Australian Government”, the employee said.

Nauru’s President, Sprent Dabwido, hurriedly signed the UN Refugee Convention enabling Australia to opt for the tiny island ahead of non-signatory Malaysia to house refugees. President Dabwido insists refugees must be given access to its legal system.

Claims that Asylum seekers may be detained for up to ten years on the Island will render the Nauruan legal system grossly inadequate.

Nauru of course would never be able to pay for successful refugee claims that have so far amounted to $10 million of Australian funds.

According to Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s department, all claims have so far been settled out of court to avoid “precedent” claims but, most would agree, it was to avoid decisions of refugee “maltreatment” being on the public record.

So it appears the Australian money tree will need what phosphate is left to promote its growth.

In the meantime practically the whole Nauruan Parliament is enjoying an Australian taxpayer-paid holiday to prepare them for the stress ahead… the stress of counting future funds flowing from Australia.

For every $1 billion allocated to the Island approximately $400 million is expected to be absorbed in administration.

Under those circumstances the Nauruan government may be able to shout Australian taxpayers a holiday on their little island.

There's nothing to see there ‘tho.

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