While State constituents are running a mile from Gillard socialism, Canberra continues to embrace its comfortable Left existence. And what a comfy little town of 350,000 Canberra is. It is cosseted and insulated from the harsh realities of life the rest of Australia endures.

Close to the snow fields and not too far from pristine beaches and trout filled streams, Canberra Public Servants live lives of Riley in a soulless monument to Green paradise. All paid for by you know who.

Its own newspaper, the irrelevant Canberra Times, preaches to its converted readers in dulcet, inoffensive tones while an election looms for yet another Labor/Green Government.

It will ensure Canberrans retain above average salaries and lower than average unemployment but higher divorce and suicide rates.

This spoilt little town has two Federal electorates (safe Labor of course), two senators (currently pressuring for four, and I wonder why) and its own Green influenced bloody Government preventing the clearing of trees and undergrowth that lost it 500 homes in the 2003 fires.

It has always been said that Canberra has no soul. It hasn’t. With all its wealth it is still a sad inward looking place. Those who have opted to live there permanently have been swallowed in a society of entitlement. Wife swapping, drugs and debauchery seem to momentarily stem the boredom of this Public Service lifestyle.

Roads without potholes, power without poles, bars without drunks and jobs without retrenchment would lead one to believe Canberra is a Utopia. Far from it.

Canberra has always promoted itself as a grand social experiment, something the rest of Australia should use as a template.  But realistic social experiments are paid for by the community as a whole. Not in this case because this expensive experiment is paid for by those who have no part in it.

Labor/Greens should win today’s election, again, because this is a place where socialism serves Canberra well and where conservatism is a foreign concept.

But don’t think this is symptomatic of the real Australia.

Hard workers beyond Canberra toil to support this insulated government town that has everything except a soul.

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