And if just once you could believe what Gillard says, again this isn't the time. There were three reasons why Gillard locked herself into September 14, and let's remember she has locked herself into many things before including a surplus.

So it is well within her realm to alter the date again, as she will do in a heartbeat, if it is in her interest.

First, she is shoring up her own position. Never has there been a challenge to a Prime Minister's leadership during an election campaign.

If her polling were to fall further she would have been under threat, not from Kevin Rudd, but other aspirants.

There is also the possibility that she could be well and truly embroiled in the Victorian Police AWU fraud investigation.

Although she vigorously denies it, she wants the next eight months in full-blown election mode where she can personally feel secure.

Second, she wants to put pressure on Tony Abbott to announce and cost his election policies so they can be attacked.

This won't work because final budget numbers won't be available until after September 14 and Abbott has already put the Government on notice that he is blind to precise Government indebtedness and he won't be announcing his costings until two weeks before the election anyway.

Third, she wants to appear to be in charge. Her vicious knifing of the hard working NT Senator Crossin and the installation of the inept Nova Peris is designed to combat Abbott's success with Aboriginal communities and to send a message to her own Party that she is in charge.

The election date was discussed with Oakeshott, Windsor and the Greens' Christine Milne, to the exclusion of her own embarrassed Cabinet members.

This September 14 election date is all about Julia Gillard securing her tenure in Office.

Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson are sleeping giants. The AWU investigation is nearing an end, Michael Williamson and NSW corruption is bubbling away. The carbon tax is biting, the manufacturing sector is in freefall and unemployment is soaring.

Add to that the daily crises she is solely responsible for, her appalling judgment, and her tenuous position urgently needs shoring up.

And that is exactly what she has done.

Tony Abbott couldn't give a damn, he will welcome it, after all he has been in full campaign mode for the past two years.

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