It would seem some halal certification agencies are getting a little nervous about the recent backlash towards unnecessary halal certification fees and the fact many Aussies are waking up to the rort.

It was brought to my attention that Halal Australia has dedicated a whole page on their website trying to address what they say are "misconceptions" about halal certification in Australia.

It is a fascinating read.

They state:

“The pure and unaltered teachings of Islam as well as the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encourage a harmonious and peaceful way of life and forbid injustice or aggression against any living creature, whether animal or human being. Instead, we are taught to have respect for all – regardless of religious beliefs, race, or ethnicity.”

I am curious as to which teachings they are referring to here. Perhaps some early verses of the Qu’ran allude to such peace but it is a well-known fact that later verses abrogate or replace these peaceful verses with violence and horrific calls to rape and murder.

Muslims are strongly urged to follow the example of the prophet.

That is the most concerning factor of all as we know Muhammad would not be considered an outstanding member of our society, in fact he would be incarcerated as a very serious criminal.

Recent media attention surrounding halal certification has given such Islamic agencies reason to feel nervous. You see halal certification is like the handle on the door. It is something that affects every single consumer in Australia.

Whether we like it or not we are funding Islamic religious practices with our everyday shopping purchases. When we start to question that it then opens the door to start questioning the religious ideology behind it. So while terrorism, child brides, female genital mutilation, polygamy and beheadings don’t mean much to most of us in our day to day life, halal certification hits us where it hurts, our back pockets. And the general public is asking questions.

Why are these agencies certifying products like white milk, honey, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables that are already halal (permissible)?

This week Maleny Dairies announced on their facebook page that they would not pay halal certification fees as they realise it is an unnecessary expense. They received over 20,000 likes in one day. It is time other companies woke up and realised they don’t have to pay these fees either. They do add costs and processes that in some cases are time consuming, money draining, wasteful and unwanted by many Australian consumers.

Why is it that companies have to sign non-disclosure contracts to ensure they won’t tell anyone how much it costs?

Why isn’t it promoted on the labels?

On the Halal Australia website they say “To the best of their knowledge the cost is not passed on to the consumer”?

How then do chicken processers absorb $40,000 a year without passing it on?

What about the abattoirs that pay $27,000 per month in halal certification fees?

I am sorry I don’t think companies pay these fees out of the goodness of their hearts and not pass them on.

So where does the money go? Why not show us the books? Which charities do they support? How is the money benefitting the wider community? Of course they are not going to admit supporting any questionable or illegal activities!

Stating the obvious doesn’t allay average Aussies’ concerns that this money goes to mosques and schools where children may be taught to chant ‘death to democracy’ or be subject to underage marriage.

At the very least why is it expected that all Aussies have to see their hard earned dollars go towards funding a religious practice that has no relevance to daily life?

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Doogle do some research it is NOT a factual religious observance. It is an extortion racket started in about the late 1960s in the USA to extort money from EVERYONE. The Quran clearly shows that it is not required Surah 5.5 states This day are [all] good things made lawful for you. The food of those who have received the Scripture (Christians and Jews)is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them. Apart from Pork (which is banned in the bible too) alcohol certain fish and meat from carnivores all other food is permissible (halal) under Islamic Law.… Read more »


What misconceptions are possible, it is factually a religious observance and practice, it is factually an islamic sharia requirement, it is factually being imposed on and costing everyone who purchases the products. It is factual that no companies absorb costs if they are in the for profit sector. It is highly offensive to those who are not islamic, it is against our laws to force religious ideology on others, and I amongst many others refuse to contribute a single cent to islamic anything.


It’s always fun to grab a few pork products (Bacon,Sausages, etc) when in a supermarket & place them conveniently in between* the halal”scam”certification meats. *under the1st layer is good, hopefully they see them when they grab what they want because in no way will they buy it then, And it’s good for a laugh if you see them touch a pork product.