From left, former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and the hapless Hillary Clinton.

US Secretaries of State since Henry Kissinger have not exactly shone brightly, and just when you thought there could be none worse than Hillary Clinton, along comes super dope John Kerry, the master negotiator who mapped a pathway for the Iranians to have their bomb. 

Kerry has come out with some pearlers that could even have Obama shaking his head. (No, let me correct that to “nodding his head”.)

It’s pretty clear the Administration does not believe that terrorism is a major threat to Americans. I mean a few hundred deaths at the hands of a few jihadists is a small price to pay for accepting a million unknown Muslims from unknown parts who will all vote Democrat.

Besides, Obama believes "more people are killed in bathtubs" than at the hands of respectable Muslim adherents to Islam who get involved in workplace violence.   

And now super dope Kerry (above) has come out with this statement: “If the press just didn’t report on terrorism then maybe it would go away”. Yep, you read that right, that is an actual quote and it indicates this bloke has at least the same degree of mental retardation as has his predecessor.

The old adage of, “never appoint anyone smarter than yourself”, rings true when Obama’s IQ comes into focus. He has consistently appointed deadshits, dropkicks, dickheads and mad Islamic nutters to his inner and outer Administration. And now the bucket is leaking all over the Whitehouse floor.

He has also bypassed Congress with idiotic captain’s picks all over the joint and he has never been so much as questioned by the Left media. I mean the Washington Post has rated Hillary Clinton as the best Secretary of State since the Cold War. WTF? And what they think of Trump can’t be printed legally.

                                                    Governor General Lynch

Then there’s the US DoJ (Department of Justice) under Loretta Lynch that is exploring ways to prosecute people for the offence of “climate change denial”. Yep, you can get up off the floor now, and the Democrats have done this sort of thing before under President Clinton when the Tobacco industry tried to defend itself from a position the DoJ said was indefensible.

So much for the First Amendment!

The IPCC's Mr Shukla is but one of the 100 or more so-called “scientists” (most are not scientists, only around three are, but they are not climate scientists) but they are all paid by the UN’s IPCC to spread the climate myth. So when the IPCC says that 97 per cent of scientists agree that, etc etc….. it is the UN’s “scientists” who are agreeing with each other. Anyone who doesn’t agree would soon be stricken from the payroll.

Thirty thousand genuine climate scientists disagree with the IPCC’s outrageous projections.

Now Obama intends ratifying the Paris agreement without Senate approval and he is trying to get the Chinese to partner him. But the Chinese have declared they won't be doing a damned thing until at least 2030.

The Paris agreement, like all previous agreements, is slowly becoming threadbare as many of the nations that got excited over it in Paris have failed to ratify it. 

Australia has signed this and previous climate treaties, but it has a mixed record in following through with its commitments (due to five leadership changes in the past five years). 

Only when 55 countries, representing at least 55 per cent of the world's greenhouse emissions, have signed and ratified the climate hoax will it become binding under international law. Hmmm good luck with that.

The IPCC believes it will be awash with funds to continue the climate fraud and pay for the re-scripting of David Attenborough's docos to reflect rising seas and skinny polar bears.

But you can bet our little Greg Hunt and the stick insect will be doing their level best to comply.

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Hillary hasn’t held not ONE press conference with media this year .Because she has seizures with camera flashes—Publicly she has had 4 . Secret Service agents say she has Parkinsons Epilepsy..From her E-mails she is taking PROVIGIL to keep her awake.She is addicted to food and alcohol..She is mentally incompetent,narcisstic and anti-social behaviour..Sadly ,she has colostomy bag and Catheter..She is really overweight. The next 60 days may find her hospitalised or a worse scenario if she gets Office OMG


Hillary Clinton was always creating chaos as Secretary of State.


Imagine the Port Arthur stooge has ties to Tavistock. Still nothing to see there.


Mum’s the word Lol.