How Pell can get a fair trial is a mystery. How alleged victims can recall dates and times from half a century ago will be problematic and a right feast for any defence counsel.

It is a Vicpol fishing exercise where they are hoping to snag something, anything, with a bare hook. My guess is that this will be almost two years of wasted resources and wasted reputations.

Now, if only the rich pickings of the Gillard/Wilson scandal held more interest for Vicpol and Dyson Heydon, a positive result was almost certain. 

But it was Gillard who arranged the popular Royal Commission into child abuse where the terms of reference pointed only at the hated Abbott’s Catholic Church and to her delight threw a net around George Pell.

She needed to punish Abbott for looking at his watch while she was speaking.

Abbott retaliated with the Union RC, where Labor, without any basis whatsoever, destroyed Dyson Heydon’s credibility accusing him of a Liberal Party bias that made any attack on ex- and current- Labor luminaries nigh impossible.

Union tactics also work within the judiciary.

Therefore to prove his unbiassed disinterest Heydon needed to treat Gillard and Shorten with kid gloves… and so, to an appalling degree he, and his counsel assisting, did. But Gillard won the child abuse RC. She snaffled Pell, leaving child abuse within the Muslim community untouched.

I have always said that evidence appeared to show Pell had not stopped child abuse in the parishes when he could have and should have. So it will be interesting to see exactly what these charges are.

Anyone who hopes that Pell himself will be found guilty of child abuse will be sorely disappointed. 

He undertook to limit the financial damage to the Church and was rewarded by the Vatican for doing so, after all it was his job, and he admits to that. He also admits that he might have done more to limit some abuse had he known about it.

This trial has all the hallmarks of a goose-chase looking for a scape-goat.

Anyway, a choice between spending the rest of your life in jail or in the Vatican would be a close call.

The really big fish are to be caught during the trial of Ralph Blewitt (above) in a couple of weeks in Perth and I am waiting on a call from Ralph because it is not looking too good for what he wants.

Something has come up that looks like Gillard could once again slip the net and I need to speak to Ralph first.

What’s female for Houdini?   

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…. This trial has all the hallmarks of a goose-chase looking for a scape-goat …. Or of a witch-hunted old goat being chased by mentally-ill, sexually-deranged, drunken, drug “addicted,” delusional and only-allegedly-goosed and/or otherwise allegedly gotten at — and even then decades ago — activist Catholic-Church-hating homonazis? And Australia’s by-far-most-corrupt state “police.” — Dick!


See what I mean…they always bubble to the surface

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