At age 15 my job in Melbourne Goods Yard was to clear the cattle trucks of those animals that did not survive the trip. There were many, but mostly from trucks where only a few beasts were loaded.

If animals are not packed tightly they do not survive any trip in a semi, a rail truck or a ship. Usually the smaller ones die first, trampled by the heavier ones after having been thrown around vacant spaces and bashed against the sides of the conveyance.

My job was to pull the dead cattle on to the adjacent platform for the butchers' vans to collect before hosing out the truck of some pretty disgusting animal parts. The poor things had broken legs and their stomachs were gassed up and blue. They probably made it into the odd meat pie but I didn’t like to think about that.

The live cattle could then look forward to standing around for up to 48 hours before being unloaded, fed and watered.

                     The same dead lamb was used in multiple structured pics

Animals Australia is a very dishonest mob that tells lies about where and when their graphic pics are taken. Their ads where sheep are packed tightly and dying of dehydration are accurate enough, but they are packed tightly for their own protection, and that's at the seat of the problem.

                       No food or water unless she can reach the outer perimeter

It is almost impossible to hand feed them and totally impossible to give them water. Now I don’t know how long a ship takes to sail to the Middle East with around 70,000 sheep but it’s more like weeks than hours. To lose two or three thousand is economically sustainable when it's impossible to feed or water them anyway.

                                             The only way to load livestock

No transport business likes to lose any product but it’s a fact of life (or death) whenever I’ve been involved in livestock with rail trucks and driving interstate tiered road trains from central Australia to city sale yards.

And it’s out of sight and out of mind when the Muslims have their ritual fun at the other end of a sea passage. Their eventual halal slaughter is something Barnaby Joyce and the Greens refuse to even discuss… and that's the really cruel part!

                                  100,000 with no way to be watered or fed

Australia will always be involved in transporting livestock. Many have travelled thousands of miles across parched Australian land before they even get to a sea port. 

Cameras installed on ships with “alert” inspectors are a joke… slip them a couple of hundred bucks and they won’t see a thing… guaranteed, that’s the way it all works (economically).

If the Greens believe Aussies are cruel, just wait to see who takes up the slack if ever we ban live exports. Which we won't.

As usual the well-heeled city Greens have no idea what’s involved. They rely on emotional misinformation to get their way. They don’t want any animals killed, despite sporting their leather accessories, expensive shoes, belts and handbags. And of course ingesting their rare rib eye fillets and fashionable raw tartare.

Livestock transport will continue (sorry fellas but Gillard is not around this time).

So you tearful Greens had better grit your teeth and bear it.

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Stole nothing noucg – pray tell from where did you extract that B.S.? If you say Palestinians go do some reading – enlighten your gray matter. Btw one thing they did take possession of was Golan Heights – but that was for security reasons as high ground – plus Syrians living their anyway – oh also that Iranian oil refinery – but guess what? Until Iran admits they fund terrorism and stops their funding of terrorism that oil refinery will be used by Israel.


of course not ,we live in a dictatorship ,even Hitler was anti immigration ,because it was a jew idea to F… k countries up


how much money will they make out of it ?,on top of stealing someones elses land [which they are good at ]

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