When aboriginal children were being abused in the 1950s and 60s, white families stepped in and saved them from the horrors of atavistic tribal customs. Fifty years later those same fortunate children had grown to be well-educated, respected and habituated members of society.

So the periphery of the Aboriginal industry, composed mainly of money-seeking white people pretending to be black, arranged for PM, Kevin Rudd, to say sorry.

Uncle Kev, wiping tears from his pudgy face with female fingers, complied. And thus he set the scene for individual damages to be awarded above and beyond the $30 billion a year already budgeted for Aboriginal welfare.

“Stolen” generation? Well, it’s hard to fathom why we say, “stolen”. It was more a “rescued” generation… and now another generation of little kids needs “rescuing” from familial sexual abuse. And no surprise that now another generation of loving white families will be asked to come to the rescue as foster carers and adopters.

The problem is that in another 60 years, today's caring white families will be accused of stealing another generation and the Aboriginal industry will go looking for another Kevin Rudd.

How quickly the worm turns when Aboriginal infants are rediscovered raped in Tennant Creek. 

Appreciation for what loving white families achieved in the 50s and 60s with abused children was swept away with a few Fosters when possible litigation dollars appeared on the parched horizon. 

But first, some unappreciative idiot like Rudd had to say "sorry" on behalf of all of us.

Those fostering families should have received a medal (not told to say sorry) for giving those abused Aboriginal kids a loving and safe home. And those Aboriginal kids, who have now grown into fine adults, should say, "thankyou".

Aboriginal customs are identical to Islamic customs when it comes to child abuse, but nary a critical word is uttered about the crimes committed on kids by Muslims. Yet this horrific abuse continues under the sanitised guise of “culture”. 

We strive like hell to protect our kids from all primitive sexual practices. Even the Pope pretends it's a sin.

The Romans, Greeks, Muslims, Mayans, Incas, Indians, Pacific Islanders, Catholics, Africans, Jews and Gentiles and even the primitive east of Europe, along with satanic cults, practised child murders and sexual abuse. 

Only it was never seen as “abuse”, rather it was merely fulfilling a time-honoured sexual culture.

                                           A sexual subincision ceremony

In Aboriginal tribes the old men were given the role of “sexually educating” young girls and the old women were the “sexual educators” of young boys.

It seems even our white Australian kids are not that far removed from primitive practices now that school teachers have granted themselves the right to sexually educate our young kids,

…even to adjudicate on their possible “transgendering”.  The world has gone mad!

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