A wealthy Islamic country like Indonesia clearly has no respect for life when it comes to spending a little extra on rebar that would resist most tsunamis.

Regardless, Indonesia has its hand out again to Australia for more cash that has little chance of getting to those who need it. Marise Payne (in the arse) is only too happy to dip further into our grandkids' pockets for more millions to comply with the request.

Funny, but I can't recall any reciprocal generosity emanting from Joko Bonobo when Australia suffers floods and droughts.

And how about as a grateful gesture Indonesia agrees to stop killing the people of West Papua and agrees to GTF out of there? Already over 500,000 have been brutally murdered. Many more are being raped and totured.

Oops, I forgot, that won't work because Australia takes part in this genocide with its supply of helicopters to shoot fleeing natives like fish in a bowl and still refuses to complain about anything a sick and corrupt Indonesia does. The UN justifies this genocide. 

So too does Tony Abbott.   

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Whitlam was the one who suggested that the Indo`s be the Administrator of West Irian when Australia gave Papua New Guinea back their Independence.