The GOP might lose the House but as long as they win the Senate they have the advantage, long-term. Only the Senate nominates and confirms judges so for the next few generations the Supreme Court will adhere to the Constitution and not invent crazy new laws the Dems demand.

                                                      And getting bigger

The so called caravan of 4,000 (looked more like 20,000 to me, but that was a CNN report) from the south is badly timed as it will take them another month to get to the US/Mexican border where they will be met with the US military. 

                                                     Borders or no borders

The Dems once wanted borders until they realised undocumented immigrants had become a critical and growing part of their electoral base. The same with Labor here and the Left of Europe.

The mid-term election is in two weeks time and the soulful black eyes of little kids clinging to their tearful mothers at Tijuana will have no effect.

But the Dems always have something up their sleeves as pipe bombs are now getting delivered to their most destructive members. Rudimentary pipe bombs without detonators so they don’t explode (we don’t want to hurt our own crew). But sufficiently threatening enough to blame Trump for degrading the political debate into civil warfare.

Of course the opposite is true with that hideous person Maxine Waters (above) imploring her far Left mates to attack GOP members wherever they are seen.

CNN and the print media are naturally directing blame to the Republicans but that cannot be possible… no Republican would be stupid enough to post bombs to the beltway, Obama and Hillary. But the media are stupid enough to promote Trump as the instigator.

                                                               Not too bright

Now we get to see how stupid the electorate is and although most of it is very stupid, there are enough with IQs above their boot size to ensure the GOP keeps the Senate.

The FBI cannot present their report until after the elections as it might interfere with the result, but this is the FBI, and it is as corrupt as it has always been.

Regardless, eventually it will be known that the Dems are behind this pipe bomb stuff.

There are two good reasons why:

1, The bombs were inert and not likely to hurt any of their own.

2, They were delivered only to the most universally hated of Dems with George Soros as the first recipient.

The swamp does not like being drained and it will do anything to stop Trump from stacking the Supreme Court with Constitutionalists… the Dems’ dream of stacking it with raging Left radicals has become a nightmare. The swamp isn’t used to having an intelligent President as a curator.

                         Just watch him turn their latest dirty tricks against them.  

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