On recent trips to Europe it was hard not to notice cultural globalisation. There were the normal Pakistani, Indian, Sudanese, Bangladeshi etc suburbs. None was a ghetto. There was one suburb missing. It was a Negro suburb. “Why is that?”, I thought to myself. Then it became obvious...of course, they had assimilated. 


Reading from a prepared script in Bankstown little 8yo Ruqaya held no fear for her parents’ views.She called for all children to rise in Jihad against the enemy of Islam and establish a global government of strict Sharia law. 


Leaders of Islamic communities in Sydney and Melbourne this morning called for restraint. “A tiny radical element within our movement has acted without our authority and it is unacceptable. Both sides including the Police should show restraint. We will instruct that no further demonstrations be carried out in the near future.”



The Press apologists for Islamic extremism use an interesting word: “Counterproductive." 


The Gillard Government has given over $10 million of our taxes to the Islamic cause. Hard to believe? Here are just a few recipients:


Many countries have banned the immigration of those who promote the annihilation of their hosts. It seems a reasonable thing for governments to protect its people. But not for our government. I was appalled to see that Gillard approves of a visa for a person who promotes terrorism. Has political correctness completely gone mad? 


UK Islamic activist Taji Mustafa, an advocate for the destruction of Israel, addressed a gathering of 500 people at the annual conference of the radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir (HUT) at Bankstown in Sydney this weekend.


Australia is witnessing the tip of a sleeping Islam we didn’t want to believe was here. One stupid little film lights the fuse of a base dogma we have so far been able to ignore. We will ignore it no longer.

Not all Muslims are terrorists…

But all terrorists are Muslims. We can offer them assimilation and they will not accept it. We assume we can detect the moderate from the radical when we cannot.



The Left Press is embarrassing themselves trying to offset the Gillard/Wilson scandal with claims of Abbott punching a wall close to someone’s head 35 years ago. 


Islamic terrorism is clearly alive and well. The Koran instructs we non-Islamists must be beheaded and our fingers lopped (Koran, Sura 8:12). They believe they are ordered by Mohammed to rule the World.


Relying on smaller trawlers to catch fish quotas is only favoured by ignorant  GetUp and Green gophers. The fact is that by fishing inner areas with small trawlers the bycatch imperils seals, turtles and other species that frequent peripheral coral outcrops.


Objectivity and Michelle Grattan were always items of unfamiliarity. She is now pushing 70 and on an ALP mission to degrade Abbott (for punching a wall 35 years ago) while at the same time religiously defending Gillard and her farcical recent Press conference “explaining” the Wilson scandal, with terms like, “...that should now be the end of it.”


The true Minister for Fisheries, Big Bill Ludwig’s little boy Joe Ludwig, has been kept noticeably absent in the Margiris debate. This has the smell of his “live export ban” debacle.

Boats a Rudd ticket to UNSC

Rudd’s dismantling of Nauru processing was part of his determined tilt at a seat on the UN Security Council.

Trawler a pyrrhic victory

Emotive and visibly horrific, this giant trawler was to replace three other trawlers that were collectively confined to exactly the same quota of fish. Not one extra fish was to be caught. Funny thing is the Greens will get exactly what they didn’t want.


The ALP’s “no advantage” assurance for asylum seekers is about as empty an assurance as our “investment pipeline”.


The rot has set in and the hounds are baying for blood as two prominent QLD unions call for tenders from polling companies to quantify Rudd’s appeal in marginal seats.




Gay News Network, which delights in pics of blokes snogging blokes, is wild with excitement that their gay darling, David Marr, is demonising Abbott. 

Howard agrees with govt on economy: Swan

Treasurer Wayne Swan has used comments by former prime minister John Horward to defend the economy's global standing.


Greens and the ALP are in freefall, arguing over who gets the emergency parachute.

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around…

Rudd is once again making hardly-muffled noises. He believes he is close to having the numbers to topple Gillard. He hasn’t... not yet.


We offer Ms Gillard our sincere condolences on the death of her father. It is an awful time for anyone when suffering the loss of a parent. Ours is not a contract of hate... it never has been. We want to debate political issues with which we disagree. This will be a very sad period for Julia and we feel for her and ask our followers to show respect in this period of mourning in the Gillard family as we have no ability to moderate all comments. 


Gillard’s deficient ethics are in play again. Her sympathy for families affected by gambling addiction is nothing but arrant crap. The “trial” is utterly pointless as everyone knows. It will not be the faintest indicator of addicts’ intentions or habits. But the $40million to be gifted to ACT Clubs for the privilege of conducting this “trial” will be well spent, just ask Gillard. You see, the ACT Clubs are the ALP’s biggest donors. Why would that be? Well, ACT Clubs are owned by the Labor Party and the powerful CFMEU. I guess the working man’s interests are still in good hands.


The short answer is, “What drugs are you on?”

DON’T PAY THAT POWER BILL (until the end of the month)

After talks with a major supplier, we may be able to arrange: NO INCREASES UNTIL THE NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION


A few weeks ago, on July 19, I sat watching the TV. A bloke called Nick Warner was speaking to the Lowy Institute. I’d never heard of him but he seemed inoffensive enough.


It seems everyone is now getting up from the floor after receiving their post-carbon tax power bill. Screams of WTF!!!! are resounding from Hobart to Darwin and Perth to Sydney.

MINING: Gillard digs herself a hole

The carbon tax is unravelling fast. It seems whatever Gillard dreams of tonight she will try to implement over breakfast tomorrow. This crazy tax had nought to do with emissions, was poorly designed and, like all other green/red thought bubbles, doomed to failure. Gillard and Swan’s outrageous spending is contingent on this and other imposts on mining. They never considered an inevitable downturn in demand or world prices. They didn’t allow for mining programs being shelved at the rate of one a day. The mining boom is over, the dollar is high, the pipeline of dreams is hollow, China is taking a smoko and we are now in debt $230 billion, paying interest at $100 million a day and dangerously less competitive in a highly volatile business. Thank you Julia... thank you ball boys. 


She should not have lasted this long. Her stonewalling of a weak and crippled Press is overt and purposeful. A Press of old would never have tolerated this.

Climate plan axed to help budget: Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the government's dumping of a plan to shut down some coal-fired power stations is a budget patch-up.

Cubbie Station Boxes Ticked

Chinese investment in Cubbie Station is a win / win for China and for Australian jobs. Trade with China is essential to Australia’s wealth and financial health. There are safeguards in place to meet stringent national interest tests, and the Cubbie Station purchase ticked all the boxes. Barnaby Joyce’s objections are based on nationalism, but Australia is not an inward looking backwater. We’ll always need foreign investment. This $300 million injection from China and the jobs flow is a much needed boost to the area, the State of Queensland and the working families.

Uncle Gough Stuffed It

To understand the deplorable state of our kids' education you first need to know how it was stuffed so it is never allowed to happen again.


Julia Gillard makes a lot of grand statements she, or we, can't afford to fund. Again today she committed $6.5 billion spending to education reforms. She wants the States to pay 70% of the bill. The problem here is (a) the States know nothing about it (b) the States can't afford it because most States are still grappling with State Labor debts in the billions of dollars. Like Rudd, she doesn't consult yet makes bold announcements with no detail. She justified getting rid of Rudd for this very reason.


“Private Schools will not be disadvantaged in funding”, so say Gillard and her Left advisers. This is another sneaky lie. Make no mistake, socialists  detest “elite” Private Schools, always have. So, hidden away in the legislation is the proviso that all funds from private donors must now be declared by the receiving Private School. Businessmen who have always donated “spare” cash to assist the Private School their kid(s) attend will now be forced to expose themselves to rapacious ATO audits. Of course many will run a mile. Looks like parents who want the best education for their kids will need to work a little harder. Socialist plots continue to unfold.

A Non-Existent Future Fund

Those on death row have a last wish; a no-expense-spared last meal. Gillard is now booking her future expensive meals in hell... and at our expense. NBN, Gonski, NDIS, dental scheme and array of endless idealistic "reforms" and tax schemes the Loony Left are determined to make Abbott-proof. They will probably be successful. Gillard is throwing around yet-to-be-earned cash like there is no tomorrow. She knows she won't be responsible for the massive debt. She will be doing okay on her bloated pensions and perks but we will be paying off debt and interest for generations. She has taken fiscal irresponsibility to new heights. Gillard can wreck the rented House for one more year and we will have no hope of retrieving the bond.

PM ‘Sexually Persecuted’

IN RECENT weeks we have learnt that Julia Gillard has been the subject of ''vile and misogynist'' assaults on websites and Facebook. Even though she is a public figure, does she have any redress?

Blood On Our Hands

Parliament’s perennial conscience, Lib MP Mal Washer’s claim that politicians have blood on their hands is near the mark. The Taliban practice of beheading opponents and apostates of Islam is a Koran edict. These savages commit these acts whether we are there or not. They laugh at us. The might of the World’s armed forces has not swayed them from their despicable Sharia law! It never will. Our boys’ efforts are better served back here dismantling Afghani terrorist cells that arrived here in those boats at Gillard’s invitation and at our expense. Come home and protect Australians, not decadent Afghanis. But spray the poppies first.

Gillard Has Damning Doc Deleted

Gillard’s media staff has been successful in having a copy of the fraudulent Association Incorporation Form, that displays her handwriting, taken down from Facebook.

Social Media Trolls

Social media has come under attack because of a minority of idiots, known in social media terms as the ‘trolls’. We will always have idiots. Don’t blame social media because it‘s misused or abused. Should we ban kitchen knives because they may not be used for their intended purpose? Ropes? Cars? Planes? Tall buildings? Bridges?. If your feelings are hurt by what’s being said on social media sites, don’t feed it oxygen by responding. Ban, delete, report, or cancel your account. The regulators and the mainstream media are now using trolls as their next excuse to ban free speech. This is about personal responsibility, not regulation.

100 More Drown

Lesson No. 1 for the ALP, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, you'll only f**k it. The "no advantage" concept is a farce. The 200,000 refugees locked in East Asia are treated like rabid dogs because they can't afford the boat trip. Will we treat them in the same inhumane way? Of course not! We are not Third World! Boat people aren't stupid and they will keep coming as long as there is a vast disparity in conditions and we allow them to communicate the disparity.

More Diggers Needlessly Die

What the hell are we doing in that backward, barbaric country anyway? It's worth noting that Australia, along with the US and 60 other countries, boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The reason? Russia had invaded Afghanistan. How times change. There remains only one constant: The death of one Aussie boy is not worth all the poppies in that cesspit of... a land. Spray every crop, leave them to their decadence and utilise drones to eradicate terrorist cells.

New Dental Scheme

Goodbye surplus hello spin. This is yet another Gillard farce. It appears a desperate attempt at vote grabbing. The scheme won't come on line until 2014. Gillard won't be here then and funding will be Abbott's problem. The NDIS and Gonski are set for the same fate. Neither will happen in the next decade and not in the form Gillard proposes anyway. She seems good at announcing schemes for when the Coalition will be in government trying make cuts to pay down horrific debt.

Carbon Floor Price Now $15

This move is really about trying to make it impossible for Abbott to dump the tax. It is all about encouraging Companies to forward buy carbon credits in bundles. If Abbott needs to refund carbon credits it will become too expensive. That's why Abbott is so insistent that he will dump the scheme thereby encouraging Companies not to purchase these corruptible credits. This Gillard move partially negates Abbotts move. Smart.

Rudd Leaks On Gillard

Others who are commenting on the Wilson/Gillard scandal today confirmed that damaging material is pouring from the Office of Kevin Rudd.

How Unions Work

Stephen Conroy suggested all unionists are involved with “slush funds”. Julia Gillard agrees, and she should know.

Freedom of Information Material

This material verifies what Pickering Post has been reporting over many months. The frequency and amount of the Bruce Wilson's fraud is extensive. It is unclear exactly what Gillard was privy to, instrumental in, and/or to what extent.

Shooting The Messengers

There's been a lot of crowing and elbowing to centre stage over the Gillard-Wilson affair this past week.

Is the Prime Minister a crook? Part VIII

Peeling back the putrid layers.
Julia Gillard employs no fewer than 1,600 media advisers (spin doctors). The cost? $150,000,000 pa. There are more, but Ministers like Albanese won't disclose details.

What a Cunning Stunt?

Well done, Julia.
No, seriously, I mean that. Shot me down in flames you did. I really felt like crawling under a rock after that impromptu performance...