A tree that is felled before it dies of old age will be replaced naturally by another, even grander, tree. A felled younger tree will make way for more, even younger, trees. That’s the way forests work. 

They may take 300 years to reach maturity but unfortunately that expanse of time is beyond Green comprehension. They can think only in terms of their own short life spans, anything beyond that doesn’t count.

A Green’s brain lacks a neuron that computes the timelessness of nature as it applies to future generations of trees, frogs, butterflies and people. 

It’s an arrogance that defies logic.

If Christine Milne has no concept of 300 years, what chance does she have of comprehending three million years. Because, given that expanse of time, her precious old growth tree would have become her hated coal.

So if Milne could cope with the squeals of pain and take an axe to an old growth tree she will have just avoided a future coal deposit.

Everything, including trees and water, is renewable… it’s just a matter of time.