A middle-aged woman rang the police, "There’s a man next door exposing himself, come quick." The police arrived and peered out each window: "We can’t see a man exposing himself, Ma’am."

"Come into the bathroom and stand on that hand basin and you can see him", said the middle aged lady.

So, what’s behind this ugly idea of Roxon’s? Well, the atrophied ALP think tank couldn’t come up with legislation that could identify what is actually offensive.

I mean, what is? "How ya goin’ ya old bastard"? Is that to be legally offensive attracting a substantial fine? Well, apparently, but only if the old bastard claims he was offended.

Women say "fuck" as much as men do these days. Can men be offended when a woman uses the word? Can a woman be offended when the word is overheard?

Of course, what might offend one person is in good humour to another person.

So this proposed legislation can’t work, unless…. well, unless the person being offended could simply say, "I was offended" and the onus was on the "offender" to prove the complainant was not really offended at all. Of course that would be impossible but it’s what Roxon wants.

Is all this sounding like another ALP brainwave yet?

The truth is the handbag brigade wants to stop all criticism directed at them, exactly as the Whitlam incompetent rabble attempted to do, and failed.

Julia Gillard has a big bum, Abbott walks like Charlie Chaplin. Warren Truss has no hair, Nicola Roxon doesn’t wash hers.

Christine Milne needs ironing, Joe Hockey is overweight. Where does it all end?

Must I now draw Julia with a yummy bum without pimples and Nicola with flowing Sunsilk hair? Or should I risk prosecution and try to prove they weren’t really offended at all?

This Roxon/Gillard stupidity is reminiscent of another Labor character, Al Grassby’s antics. He drew up legislation to outlaw anyone referring to anyone else by anything other than their correct nationality.

The word "Wog" was outlawed, still is.

He didn’t realise, so too were the words "Kiwi", "Aussie" and "Pom". The legislation was promptly ignored.

But it’s not good for a legislature to be used for anything other than to enact meaningful laws.

When laws are ignored by prosecutors and the judiciary our legal system as a whole suffers disrepute, and it’s suffering enough from that now.

It seems eerily spooky that this Grassby nonsense was a thinly veiled attempt to divert attention from his involvement in the Griffith Mafia’s marijuana cultivation and distribution. It is a common diversionary tactic of Labor Parties under siege.

For Federal Attorney General Roxon, in cahoots with PM Gillard, to attempt to frame such ridiculous legislation is also a diversion from the clear illegal actions of both.

Roxon should be charged with perverting the course of justice and Gillard with fraud.

But the ALP has learnt how to regulate Page One. Just keep announcing unfunded stuff that sounds good and wholesome or change the agendum to one that will foster fierce unrelated debate.

Labor strategists know the media will grab this one in preference to persisting with the festering AWU scandal.

More than half Australia is offended by the disgraceful Gillard and her over-promoted clutch of feminists. So do I detect a class action afoot?

I hear Slater & Gordon are keen to get some no-win-no-fee business lately.

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