Last night on the ABC, Bill Shorten lied. Not only his body language, but documented evidence, confirms he lied and he is not very good at it.

He claims he, “wasn’t working for the AWU” when the Gillard/Wilson scandal broke. That’s lie number one. He was. At that time he was paid as an AWU organiser.

He claims he didn’t know about this scam. Lie number two. He was instrumental in trying to cover it up.

Shorten was living with Nicola Roxon at the time. She was working at Maurice Blackburn lawyers. Shorten was completing his articles at the same office. Let’s assume there was no pillow talk regarding something as momentously illegal as this. Unlikely I know, but let’s assume that for the sake of the dear Ms Roxon.

Gillard claimed she did not report the fraud to the police because it was "already under investigation". Not true. After the fraud was discovered it wasn't until the following year that it was reported to the police.

Gillard also claims she did not open a file on the matter. Not true. She herself says a file was somewhere in her office but became “mislaid”.

Gillard was instrumental in filing a defamation writ in the Supreme Court effectively gagging those in the union who were trying to disclose the fraudulent activities. It is impossible to file a Supreme Court writ without a file having been opened.

Where is this file? Okay, stay with me here… Gillard was sacked from Slater & Gordon at the same time as the complicit Bernard Murphy was paid out as an equity partner.

Gillard never worked in law again. Gillard’s file disappeared at the same time Murphy moved to Maurice Blackburn. Now, I can’t confirm this but I have been told by a senior ex-Maurice Blackburn lawyer that Murphy gave the file to Roxon for safe keeping.

We are unlikely to ever see that file as it almost certainly was destroyed by Roxon when the temperature recently became dangerously hot.

The two people who assisted Gillard at the time were well rewarded by Gillard as PM. The complicit Murphy was promoted to the Federal Court Bench and the unqualified Roxon to the highest law office in the land as AG. Make of that what you will.

In response to recent questioning, Gillard stated categorically that when she discovered the fraud, “…I immediately broke off my relationship Bruce Wilson.” That is another lie.

When Gillard was sacked from Slater & Gordon, she and Wilson went on a holiday. They had in the past frequented a resort in Lorne and another favourite getaway was the Healesville Hotel. They had often invited other couples to go with them. This time just the two of them went to the Healesville Hotel for a week.

Of course we have no idea what they talked about but Gillard told a close friend they needed time to figure out what the hell they were going to do. Apparently they both agreed on a course of action.

Gillard disappeared for the six months that is still missing from her resume. Wilson went back to his wife and two boys in Perth.

Both had their stories right and fortuitously the fraud was covered up by the very union they stole from and the very law firm she worked for.

They were as safe as their money-laundered houses (lots of them) and no-one would have been the wiser, except…

Except that one of these two people decided they wanted to be Prime Minister.