Obama’s success has sealed the tactics for his flirtatious friend Gillard in the coming election. Never has there been so much money spent on so much negative advertising in a presidential election. Gillard and her muckraking cohort McTernan have taken notice.

Romney tried to inject an element of decency into his campaign, all to no effect. The game has changed and shortly Gillard will embark on a no-holds-barred Federal election steeped in the very “negativity” she claims Abbott is guilty of.

Presidential elections are necessarily personal. Federal elections should be about parties’ policies… leaders can change at the whim of the party. Didn’t we vote for Kevin Rudd yet finished up with something else? That was a party decision, not ours, so the presidential-style election we can now look forward to will actually have nothing to do with parties. It will be savagely personal.

Tony Abbott needs to be aware of the coming mud bath. Gillard is emboldened by her idol Obama’s success and her man, McTernan, is here to make it happen.

If anyone doubts the looming tactics of these two reprobates, then review Gillard’s recent gender war. Abbott emerged injured from an inane debate he didn’t start and should have won hands down.

Abbott stood accused of being a woman-hating violent thug while Gillard curtseyed at the applauding fans. Golly, did I miss something there?

Let’s have another look at the combatants:

On one side, the non-combative Abbott. He stands accused of hating women and having punched a wall 35 years ago.

On the other side, the pugnacious Gillard: She is accused of calling all married women prostitutes, promoting lesbianism and late-term abortions. Declaring heterosexual relationships an “anomaly”. Convincing her parents to join the Communist Party. Defrauding millions from union members. Inventing false polls to convince Caucus to support the knifing of a sitting Prime Minister. Spending billions we don’t have gaining international and domestic favours. Intimidating media companies. Insisting journalists be sacked. Constantly lying to the Australian people. Demeaning Abbott’s family. Cooking Budget books. Supporting corrupt union bosses. Inflaming a gender war that formerly didn’t exist. Promoting incompetent unionists to Cabinet. Promoting a partner in crime to a Federal Court judge. Signing deals with the unrepresentative, communist Greens so she could attain government. Having an open sexual preference for married men. Having been sacked from a corrupt law firm, no longer being able to practise as a solicitor and doggedly refusing to answer questions in Parliament about her documented, corrupt past… and in the short time she has been Prime Minister, responsible for policy disasters the like of which we have never seen!

Surely Abbott would be the victor in that debate. But no! Abbott doesn’t go there and as I suggested a few weeks back he had better change course, and quickly. The game has changed to a presidential one and the cashed-up criminal is coming after the copper with a bucket full of acid.

Make no mistake, Gillard co-opted McTernan for a sinister purpose. We the taxpayers are paying a foreign muckraker to destroy our once-decent electoral Federal system.

Gillard is buoyed by Obama’s victory and she will certainly be adopting the very same demographic tactics in pursuit of her aberrant aims.

If Tony Abbott insists on taking the high road he will be crying in the same holy water as Mitt Romney.