PM Gillard’s spike in the polls was paid for in Parliamentary ethics. Blokes used to respect each other in the good old days. Even Whitlam and Fraser, but Gillard and her crew have changed all that… and probably forever.

The disgusting invective that seems somehow tolerable coming from a female but not from a male is nasty, vicious and catty. Personal attac

ks a male has difficulty deflecting without stooping to her depths of depravity. Abbott has so far refused to go there.

The morsel of respect I once had for her has evaporated. There is nothing left to respect about this foul mouthed woman who is lauded by her equally obnoxious front bench.

Why couldn’t our first female Prime Minister have been someone we could be proud of? 

It’s no good blaming McTernan because it was she who employed him knowing full-well what his disgusting un-Australian tactics are. That’s what she wanted and that’s what in future she will need to live with. 

If she stays on in Opposition the cat will be spayed and she can swallow some of her own medicine. She will be treated with the disdain she deserves. What she doesn’t realise is that she has lowered the glass ceiling for all women for decades. 

Gillard can never go back to law so she likely will hang on in some capacity, but not as leader. The stench of her tenure will be enough to cause even the faceless union men to retch. 

Gillard shares her corrupt past with unionists who will no longer have the protection of Shorten.

In the meantime Gillard will keep announcing a new and expensive wish list of “innovative reforms” on a daily basis in order to swamp mounting accusations. Media dutifully accommodate her.

It seems odd that on one day champagne corks are popping over the waste of four billion dollars on a UN seat and the next day Gillard saves the Murray Darling basin, the day after it’s a white paper on the “Asian Century”. 

Pointless of course because Asia has been a preoccupation of consecutive governments for 40 years.

Then an aspirational unfunded NDIS plan along with a Gonski scheme that is 20 years off, if ever. Another NBN announcement but the NBN Co is already $50 million in debt, going nowhere and will be obsolete before it’s finished, if ever. Then the misogyny claims, followed by India and … oh God, today's is any guess! 

But this continuous expensive nonsense is carefully timed to bury Gillard's problems like the McKew book, new Slater & Gordon revelations, missing files, Slipper, Thomson, our breached borders, a invisible surplus, arrest of ALP unionists, power costs, increasing debt and a never-ending array of fraud allegations and other Gillard negatives.

It’s a clever and deliberate ploy by Gillard’s satanic managers, and it works. Abbott barely gets air.

This ALP Government has employed the most sophisticated media manipulation techniques in history, it controls page one and it is determined to hold on to office regardless of cost.

Tony Abbott is floundering in an olde world game of regular politics. The new unethical game is passing him by and he had better quickly learn the new rules of this politics of bastardry or we will all lose out. 

This decadent mob won’t be beaten with gentlemanly platitudes and weak apologies. Abbott needs to get on the front foot, grab the agenda, forget his opponent is a woman and start hitting her where it hurts. 

She is vulnerable in so many areas but will play the injured female card as long as she is allowed to. 

The time for factory visits in hard hats and fluoro jackets is over Tony. We old journos have done the hard work. 

It’s your turn now.




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