When China knows as much about Ned Kelly as we know about Mao Tse Tung then we can say we have Asian influence beyond our minerals. 

Australia numerically represents no more than a satellite suburb of a medium sized Chinese city and Australia’s scant diplomatic attention to China has not helped our voice.

China and India are the most populous nations on Earth and co

mbined with other Asian countries represent well over half the World’s population. 

To conceive of Australia’s importance in World economies it’s worth noting the World’s population increases by Australia’s population every 12 weeks. 

The so-called White Paper on the Asian Century, hurriedly put together by a Sino ignorant Ken Henry, had to be rejigged by Labor’s academic darlings at the ANU and will be obsolete within this decade. 

Chinese growth rate is beyond the comprehension of this government and Gillard’s speech will not rate a mention in China. 

The truth is the Chinese hierarchy does not like Gillard. It had a comical view of Rudd, along with his embarrassing grasp of Mandarin, but Gillard is a veritable non-event in China, as she is in Indonesia where Abbott commanded far more attention.

China holds 47% of the World’s gold stocks and India 11%. China holds trillions of US debt in government bonds and can thumb its nose at those who justifiably accuse it of currency manipulation. 

As a quasi communist State it can always do what serves its purpose best but it is still driven by the capitalistic hearts of the Chinese. It’s collective farming disaster of the 50s was a lesson well learnt and it is now a capitalist monolith we can ignore at our own peril.

Millions of completed, empty suburban homes lay waiting for the peasant-class surge to middle-class. China plans ahead because it can. There are no Greens or environmental impact studies to impede it. No troublesome elections, except for provincial councillors and its control of the internet subdues any unwelcome criticism. 

But the Chinese power base is changing to a new World need and it is promoting pragmatism over old guard stoicism. The slow moving dragon is on the road to a Federal Republic many times the size of the US and our old alliances must be restructured to accommodate it.

The most populous nations in the World are invariably the richest due to economies of scale and trade. We cannot afford isolationism in an expansionist China World. 

We need to allow foreign investment as the US did in New England and all the way west. 

China has important enemies in Taiwan and Japan and when it spends 6% of its GDP on defence you know it means business. 

The Ord River in the north will become Asia’s new food bowl. It has the regular rain, the area and the proximity. We should not resist the investment necessary. 

The saline Murray Darling basin is far too dependent on last year’s snow falls and broken droughts. We need to look north and we need China to have a stake in our untapped wealth. 

There are billions of hungry people on our doorstep and we represent barely 1.3% of them. 

The White Paper did no more than state the bleeding obvious (without budgetary provisions) because, due to Rudd and Gillard we have no money left. 

We have been locked into a unionised and Green hampered growth pattern that we must break free from so we can embrace a dominant China.

We are not the isolated “lucky country” any longer. We need to resist the Left’s pressure for socialistic entitlement that destroyed Europe. The expensive feel good policies of this government will have no place in this “Asian Century”.

We need to start training, we need to be lean and rock-hard fit to get a game in the Red Square league, or face relegation.

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