Thought I’d snap a cold beer last night and listen to Chris Smith interview Jenna Price on 2GB. It was one of the strangest interviews I have ever heard.

It appeared Ms Price didn’t want to be there. There were periods of tension with Price backtracking on what was being said on her “Destroy the Joint” facebook page. When she said to Smith, “…do you think I really want to be here?”, I figured mmm, there’s something not right here.

I promptly forgot all about it and waited for the News Poll due out later last night. I was going to do a cartoon on whatever the results were.

Dammit! I should have had a closer look at that Price woman instead. My political snout smelt a huge rat but I bloody-well ignored it.

Then, on Andrew Bolt’s blog this morning, for all to see, was the explanation. I was gazumped, ashamed that I took my eye off the ball.

It wasn’t Ms Price’s page at all. It was the creation of branch secretary of the Australian Services Union, Sally McManus. Apparently Ms McManus had asked Ms Price to handle the moderating for the facebook page because McManus wanted the page to appear quasi-independent and not union/GetUp inspired.

Not that Ms Price is in any way independent. She works for the Canberra Times and Sydney Morning Herald (say no more) and aspires to journalism at the UTS, Sydney.

At odds with the facebook page claim, Ms Price says she doesn’t want to see Alan Jones lose his job, “I just want to re-educate him”, she said. Mmmm, I doubt Ms Price could educate a fish to swim. Jones is way out of her league.

Ever since I’ve known Alan he has been a workaholic. He just goes and goes. I have always thought that he wrestled with his gender identity and a frenetic work pace served as a distraction for him.

He is far from an intellectual but adopts causes with a fervour others are incapable of. His coterie of adoring listeners will never desert him and he knows it. He voraciously feeds off the adoration… that’s what drives Alan Jones. Well, that’s MY assessment of what drives Alan Jones.

He made a bad slip (ok, he apologised) but he handed McTernan, GetUp, Labor and the unions the chance they had been salivating for. But, like all far Left “moralistic” sorties, they end with egg-on-face results.

Julia Gillard and her bevy of bullies now have a headache that a pallet of Panadol won’t fix… two headaches actually. The first is that the “Abbott has a problem with women” campaign has been roundly discredited. The second is Peter Slipper and his lasciviously wanton texts. If Gillard claims Abbott is sexist, what the hell does she do with the proven sexist, Slipper?

At the risk of alluding to a sexist Mohammedan custom, I must quote a custom not unfamiliar to another sexist bloke called Christ:

“Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone”.

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