PM’s adviser tells Tim to take a back seat

Tim Mathieson has taken to disappearing stage left when accompanying the PM.

ALP research has shown the public is squeamish at an Aussie yobbo with a chequered past and a silly grin waving goodbye to Australia each time Gillard’s VIP plane departs. (He is actually waving goodbye to a lone camera.)

Has the Press not noticed this interesting change in protocol? It has of course, but resolutely refuses to comment on it. Mathieson now enters the plane before Gillard so it appears he is not there.

A Timless Gillard waves ‘goodbye to Australia’ on her own.

This requires media cooperation but not comment.

When alighting from a VIP vehicle, Mathieson now ducks for cover to the rear, away from cameras. When entering a function, Mathieson is whisked away out of sight by PM minders to join her where cameras are not present. She now enters functions by herself.

Is this significant? Gillard’s new UK adviser, John McTernan, thinks so and has responded to focus groups’ irksome response to Tim Mathieson’s presence.

Tim doesn’t seem to mind. He seems happy enjoy the grandiose pomp from a distance… while it lasts.

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