His social experiment has failed on every front. His personality is toxic. He has urinated on every smidgen of what the Liberal Party once stood for. And those who have supported him should be the only attendees at his funeral, and in separate caskets.

Numbers are right now being counted.

Forget the thirty losing polls excuse he gave for knifing Abbott… no sane politician would ever put himself in that precarious position when he didn’t need to. But that is the essence of Turnbull… bloody stupid!

He is divested of any semblance of loyalty to anyone. Put simply, the bloke is incurable… he is no good. Proof positive is that he is now within two points of Shorten’s permanently prostrate appeal and within two losing polls of the 30 he said he needed to knife Abbott.

This is the end for Turnbull now that Abbott has thrown disinterest plans out the window. Abbott is the Parliament's best fighter and Turnbull is due to become the Parliament's worst loser. 

And let's be fair, Abbott gave him every opportunity to succeed. 

Anyway Australians deserve better than either leader, as the other needs serious counselling for an addiction to sex and union criminality, while this one is besotted with a pretence of power that knows no ethical limits.     

           No backslapping here… an incandescent hatred now boils between the two.

A flawed personality can be camouflaged with good leadership, as it was with Hawke, but there is no refuge in leadership for Turnbull. He has no political skill, no political judgment and no integrity.

He has very few new friends and no old ones.

The ABC’s Barrie Cassidy said in 2015, “Under Turnbull the Coalition would be almost unbeatable”, which explains why the ABC is exhaustedly bankrupt of rational political opinion.

If the Liberal Party is to survive the next election, not win it, but come out the other side with enough fragmented furniture to start again, then Turnbull needs to resign now. Of course he won’t do that, he doesn’t have the moral decency of John Gorton, so the Party must move against him.

It takes only one Party member to call for a spill, and Turnbull can only rely on those who owe their very existence to him… a coterie of two, namely the Leader of the House, the extremely expensive, Christopher Pyne and Turnbull's expensively treacherous deputy, Julie Bishop. Yes the coup de grace came for Barnaby with a dodgy bum-pinching accusation of sexual harassment from her home State of WA. 

Morrison, Frydenberg, Cormann, Hunt and a handful of junior Ministers are excreting bricks over potential divorces as a result of their pay packets being halved in Opposition. All are swingers (politically speaking). 

But Abetz, Abbott, Andrews and Dutton are leading a growing band of discontents able to tip the scales against Turnbull this time. With Molan and Hastie in the wings the numbers are already there to topple him… so surely it must happen now, or death’s door awaits the entire Party.

And if moral support is needed there are always the NATS who have made clear what they think of the odious Turnbull as a partner.

Only after Turnbull is gone can the Paris Accord be scrapped to save Australians dying from the cold and heat the well-paid communists justify by killing our coal.

Only then can the insanity of the global warming/climate change hoax and its catastrophic international and domestic repercussions be put to bed. 

If my appeal to all decent Libs falls on deaf ears, then I appeal to their wives:

Think of the private school costs, the payments on the new car, the plans for a holiday house, that new carpet. Think how the neighbours will gossip over his (and your) demise. Don't feed him, withhold sex, whatever it takes, but make him see sense.  

Screw the 30 polls… when a Liberal leader becomes equal to the appeal of the despicable Shorten,

                         …it’s a clear signal that he is already a dead man walking.