Imposition of sanctions on any country only hurts its people and sanctions never work, in fact they usually lead to wars. The Treaty of Versailles put Germany in an intolerable position it had to extricate itself from. Germany was not even a party to the decision to impose massive sanctions but it gave Hitler the opportunity to convince his people that action must be taken.

Notwithstanding the horror of Germany’s holocaust or Japan’s slaughter of 13 million Chinese, sanctions forced both nations into a world war just to survive… and it was easy to convince the electorates of both nations.

The US banned the island nation of Japan from receiving all oil and iron ore imports, a move that would have made Japan a banana republic within two years and at the mercy of any potential invader. What the hell did the US think would happen? Hitler rose to prominence again after the imposition of the grossly unfair Versailles Treaty.

So how will Putin respond to the latest proposed round of sanctions?

Well, an indication might be those Russian bomber aircraft intercepted yesterday over the Alaskan coast. The US Left now has an aversion to Russia which is ironic because Communist Russia was once the darling of the Left. But now it has been instrumental in defeating the ISIS Islamic Caliphate, along with some bullshit idea about Putin having shoe-horned Trump into the Presidency, the Left has transformed Russia into enemy number one of the Left's New World Order.

It is soon forgotten that Erdogan's Turkey was supporting ISIS with safe houses and safe passage. It was assisting ISIS by buying its stolen oil at a discounted price. It is soon forgotten that Erdogan forbade the US using its airbases for sorties against ISIS. 

The Turkish army sat and watched ISIS destroy Kobani and shot eight women and                                     children trying to escape the carnage.

It's soon forgotten that it was Turkey that slaughtered the Kurds who were fighting ISIS.

And it's soon forgotten that it was Turkey who shot down a Russian fighter bombing ISIS. 

The Democratic Party’s Left has found new weapons, including accusations of sexual harassment against Trump and the Right wing broadcaster, Sky’s Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly made a mistake in not confronting his female accusers and by paying them out with $US13 million in shut-the-fuck-up money.

For the normally smart O’Reilly, that was plain dumb. The feminists had no intention of shutting up to the delight of the far Left media, CNN, MSNBC and the ABC, along with the Trump-hating “The New York Times” and “Washington Post”, who were salivating over having cleansed the airwaves of alternative political views.

Trump confronted and beat his accusers, O’Reilly ran.

Now that the Republicans are in charge, sort of, money-grubbing feminists and Leftists have turned their vile accusations on Putin and successful Right wing broadcasters. (Sorry I digressed a bit there.)

The decision to allow Turkey into the NATO alliance was a Cold War strategy designed to corner the Soviet Union. Greece and Turkey were both anti-communist and were viewed by the West as bulwarks against Moscow and the spread of communism in Europe. Hmmm, but the threat of communism has been superseded by Islam.. and Turkey is viciously Islamic. 

So, under Article 5 of NATO’s charter, an attack on one member of the NATO alliance would be construed as an attack on the whole group, leading to promised joint retaliation against the offending attacker.

Turkey’s NATO membership guaranteed that Turkey would not become a Soviet ally. Strange, but the Second World War and the Cold War were over long ago, and the Soviet Union has been disbanded. Islam headed by Erdogan is now the major threat.

NATO will be an ineffective force as long as Islamic Turkey is a member.

The arrogant West has successfully wedged Russia between a NATO backed Ukraine and the US Alaskan coast and imposed intolerable sanctions to the delight of the corrupt Ukraine's Poroshenko. 

WTF do they expect Russia to do now? If only they referred to a little history they would know exactly what Russia will be forced to do now. 

Erdogan is rubbing his hands with glee now that Russia is facing further intolerable sanctions from the West. Erdogan is on a mission to re-establish the old Ottoman Empire with the same fervour as Putin is determined to re-establish the Soviet Union… and that spells serious trouble that could make North Korea appear a mere spot fire.

Erdogan’s fake coup allowed him to murder 3,000 Turkish citizens who were fully aware of what he intended and a further 30,000 were reported jailed and tortured. This made way for his Constitutional referendum victory this week… a victory that negates any Parliamentary oversight.

Erdogan has no intention to bomb anyone in Syria other than the Kurds. And Putin has no intention to bomb anyone bar the Syrian rebels. A perfect storm looms. 

                                                       Friends of the faith

                                                        Foes in waiting

A revived Ottoman Caliphate under Erdogan, boasting the worst of extreme Islamic practices, will hide behind NATO and insist on invoking Article 5 to completely emasculate Putin, but Putin is smart enough to see that coming. 

Those States that were once part of the Soviet Union are now in the cross-hairs of Erdogan and Putin is now in the same dangerous position as were Germany and Japan. 

So WTF does the West think Putin will do… lie down and pretend to enjoy being raped? 

To avoid WW III Turkey must be expelled from NATO and sanctions lifted from a besieged Russia. Trump says “Putin could be a good bloke, I have never met him”, he said… things hopefully might change when he does. 

Putin is a little ex-KGB devil and likely guilty of all he is accused of, but he is clever and a major power that should never be ignored.

He has a right to land access to his Crimean Naval base which has been refused by Ukraine with the West’s blessing. (The Crimean Peninsula voted in a referendum for Russian control.)

Putin has a right to stop Ukraine’s Poroshenko stealing $billions more of Russia’s gas. He has a right to import food from Ukraine’s agrarian Nirvana that was once Russia’s back yard.

It’s to be hoped Trump and his generals are smart enough to realise what a snake is                                               programmed to do when cornered?   

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Sanctions strengthen Russia. It has a wealth of natural resources and can feed itself. Sanctions just shut off some manufactured imports and some luxury foods. That creates the opportunity for Russian companies to fill the gap without competition from other countries.

And Europe is desperate for Russian gas, so has to buy it.


Larry is spot on.
Some wise man once said history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes.
A chilly scenario is emerging.
It will take wiser heads than are currently there, to calm it down.


lol, we all do J


of course W too


Howard and Blair should swing for war crimes, but instead Assange will rot in a dungeon.


No, we are past the point of having a democracy and I hope we end up with a leader with the steely resolve of Putin, or President Assad. But, after seeing the total demise of Trump, I cannot see any way out but accellerationism. Bring on the poz


I noticed the media shift on Trump instantly and the reaction on social media from Tel Aviv was sickening when Trump lobbed those tomahawks at Syria. The media is thus supporting ISIS.


Or do they have something on him from Epstein Island. My guess is the former. Hell, these people could make Trump and his loved ones disappear for years of torture in some black ops prison.

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