While authorities grapple with the new ice epidemic, another far more insidious drug is about to swamp it… and this one makes ice look like aspirin.

It’s called flakka (some call it gravel) and it is so destructively addictive that when taken just once it’s as good as a death sentence for the user because it’s more dangerous to try to wean yourself off it.

It can be snorted, injected, smoked or inserted in any orifice of choice and the effects are felt within a few minutes and last up to eight hours.

Flakka use is exploding across America where, following on from ecstasy and fantasy, it’s appropriately called, “Insanity”, .

Fort Lauderdale police Sergeant Nick Coffin said, “The cost is what really alarmed us … a lot more people can get their hands on it, and that’s always a problem”.

But there’s an even more frightening side to flakka, apart from the fact that it’s as cheap as dirt at $5 a dose. Distributors are selling it as ice or crack knowing they will have a client addict to augment their income on a permanent basis or for as long as that person lives. 

There is no escaping this one!

Flakka was banned in Florida last year after dozens of deaths were reported, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) placed a temporary nationwide ban on the drug. But it will eventually require State legislation to stem the flow. And by the time uniform State legislation is passed there will be another even more fatally addictive drug in the pipeline.

The entire ordering process for flakka is on “guidechem.com” and it can take as little as 30 minutes and the package will arrive within five to ten working days. If the shipment is seized, some companies will guarantee you another package.

China is producing the stuff at the moment, but orders have overtaken demand and it’s now available from the Middle East. It is derived from yet another innocent plant grown mostly in Yemen or Somalia and it is now being grown on a trial basis in California and Florida to satisfy skyrocketing demand.

In April of 2015 Florida Police reported arresting a man who thought he was God or Thor and he was having sex with a tree when officers tasered him. He was unaffected and simply pulled the electric probes out of his body and tried to stab one of the officers with his own badge.

The effects are extreme and involve delirium, hallucinations and super human strength where six police are needed to arrest the one flakka addict.

Lt. Dan Zsido of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office sums up the severity of the drug, stating: “On a scale of one to 10, flakka is a 12… it’s simply off the scale”. Another man even tried to break into police headquarters in Fort Lauderdale while under the influence of the drug.

So what the hell do you tell your kids now?

Will “don’t take drugs” suffice? When they ask what drugs, and you have to say “I don’t really know, because I have no idea what they will try to sell to you… and neither will you”.

How can laws possibly be framed to ban every plant that may be used to produce a narcotic, and almost every laundry and bathroom product including bath salts? And if the ingredients of flakka sound familiar, it’s because they are used in bath salts which are made from the chemical alpha-PVP which is a synthetic version of the stimulant cathinone which is banned …. yet you can still buy bath salts! It's all a bit too much for authorities.

Authorities will also need to ban equine tranquilisers, deodorants, slimming pills, toilet cleaners and furniture polish removers. There is no end to the availability of drug base ingredients derived from everyday ingredients and natural plants.

And no law can ever be passed to stop synthetic versions!