Protesters in Paris hold up the placards in a heart warming act of defiance, but for me, it is personal; I really am Charlie. I wrote a book about Islam and I write articles for Larry Pickering, an Australian cartoonist who makes Charlie Hebdo look like Walt Disney. In my articles and in my book I try to explain Islam.

I am not provocative in my writing; I just explain how Islam has a well advanced plan to take control of societies around the world, probably including yours.

Like Larry, Charlie, Aayan Hirshi Ali, Wafa Sultan and many others, I speak truth to power, to those Muslims who have the power and the desire to kill me.

It may sound alarmist but they are far closer to their dream of absolute power than most people could imagine. For this reason, I know I am on somebody’s list; probably not at the top, but way higher than most people. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if masked gunmen knocked on my door and tried to kill me.

So why do I do it? Am I crazy? Am I a racist xenophobe? Do I want to die? No, no and no. I risk my life for a little girl who trusts me and calls me “Daddy”.

I do it for all the other little girls and boys who deserve to grow up safe and free.

I grew up in a wonderful country. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a perfect country but compared to most others it was fantastic. We were free in a way that few people in history could ever dream of.

We could ridicule our leaders in the most irreverent ways imaginable and they couldn’t do a dam thing about it. The Pope, the Royal Family, Prime Minister, all were fair game.

I remember one openly gay comedian on national television telling his audience he was late because he had been “fisting” the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Britain’s treasurer and second most powerful man). The Chancellor was furious but the comedian paid no price for that.

That bill had already been paid for in blood. My parent’s generation fought and many gave their lives for us. Without their sacrifice the National Socialists would have been in charge and freedom would be nothing but a wistful dream.

So now it’s my turn to risk my life. The frustrating thing is that this time it should be so easy. We don’t have to have a world war; people just need to educate themselves about the goals and methods of Islam.

There are plenty of books and websites out there. I spent 6 years sweating blood to write a book which was short, interesting and lays out the whole thing with logical and easy solutions.

I put it on the internet so people can read it for free. I published it on Kindle and in paperback at roughly cost price. Now we just need people to open their minds and learn.

Many of you already know the truth. You have read the book and know the danger and the solutions. This article is not written for you, it is written for your friends who now think you are a racist and an islamophobe.

Please send it to them or share it on social media and hope that they will finally listen. If they do, then the hearts of the Charlie Hebdo artists will not be bleeding in vain.