Delta Variant

A month ago, Joe Biden, president of the US, appeared to be relieved of gaining the victory over the covid pandemic within his control. The main reason behind the rapid decrease of the cases in the US was that the citizens of America were vaccinated. In the same way, cases, deaths, and hospitalisations came down in number.

The rapid change of covid cases in the US:

However, in a matter of a week, the covid-19 cases were increased to 43%, and deaths were increased rapidly by 39% due to the toxic and dangerous delta variant. Biden is challenged with the new reality already involved in governing a country that is being wiped out polarised in media, politics, and science.

Laurie Garrett’s views on the situation:

An award-winning science author and writer, Laurie Garrett, said that they might have underestimated how hesitation of vaccine would result in the platform position of Republic party. She adds to this by claiming that it is not only about vaccines; instead, it is about social distancing, masks, and currently, it would be vaccine passports.

 Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Role of Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the initial stage of the pandemic

Despite the disastrous response of Donald Trump to the pandemic that left thousands and thousands of people die, the increase in providing vaccines gave the US a second possibility. Later, when Biden came into power during the crisis, he made sure that the vaccination drives are accelerated by hitting target after target, which eventually brought down the covid cases to 10,000 a day.

Words of Joe Biden on independence day; Did Biden succeed his mission?

President Joe Biden holds an independence celebration in the White House and claims they have gained the upper hand and were beating the virus together; he avoids saying and declaring that the mission was indeed accomplished.
Unfortunately, the vaccinations decreased gradually. Also, Biden’s goal of getting at least 70% of the adults to receive their one-shots of the vaccine by the 4th of June was not possible. The delta variant found in India hit the United States quickly, which became one of the reasons for Biden not accomplishing his goal.

As the cases increased, Biden’s goal came to rest.

With the emergence of more than 70,000 cases in a day, the situation is turning worse again. The White House Covid-19 response team recently claimed that Texas and Florida have reported about one-third of new cases where third and more hospitalisations are arranged globally in just a week. In addition, Missouri, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Florida are among the seven states with low vaccination rates; this has also been one of the causes for the increase in covid cases, especially in these states.

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