There are no good jokes in these; Whatsapp jokes aren’t humorous jokes. You rush to your phone when someone asks you to make a joke.

Back in the days

Back in the days, the people were not making fun of anything and called it a joke; jokes and humor had a proper meaning and extensive content that has almost all the outsourced to cyberspace. From whence they are faceless, conveyed, for onward transmission, cracking jokes and flirting with pretty thai girls, or momentary amusement, like many contemporary aspects of our humdrum existence.

In the present situation

These jokes are now impersonal essentially and fleeting mirthfully, the dehumanizing endeavor that excludes the tenor, language, tone, drama, and body is generally accompanied by good joke-telling. It robs the intended boisterous outcome without a doubt of pitch, warmth, human connection, and spectacle that is personally narrated jokes invariably evoked.

As for people, Indians tend to take them seriously, and it’s an indisputable fact hobbled by caution. This is why enjoyment and gratification in the form of including jokes remain evil and sinful. And, then karmic caveat is always present: we all grow up with this. Providence will make you cry in equal measure to that of if you laugh.

There is some inherent deterrence combined with politically correct, increasingly overwrought, self-obsessed, and uptight discounting for the moment the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has got us where most people have taken gag for a gag.

It’s almost as if the jokes in the cafes, and drawing rooms, are ironically morphing and rapid into “a German joke,” which Mark Twain said, “was no laughing matter.”

Besides laughing from belly upwards, it is now decided to frown upon the polite company; from being a norm in these years, these are some of the welcome jollity that quickly becomes the exceptions. These days, many often ask, or we ask people if they have heard any good ones lately? There is no standard answer for this. But in apologetic efforts at one-upmanship and deliverance, many of us reach for our phones to read a joke or forward the text or joke to the inquisitor. This is the 21st Century’s humor crutch.

humour crutch

Unfortunately, the swelling rigidity syndromes have paid the thigh-slapping guffaw sessions, bawdy and lesser-rollicking jokes, and irrelevant surged free tales to those raucous years earlier. The extravagant reactions were similar to explosions that release the contents of a water bottle and pre-shaken soda. They are hugely memorable and not only therapeutic and helpful.

The tone and the language of certain accents bring out the humor without defaming anyone. They can be ironically incredible and remain ironically amusing. However, the narrator or the joke teller’s narration skills are also critical of this jocular enterprise. It is not a piece of cake to make everyone laugh without at least one person offending it. It takes a lot of courage to make them.

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